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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by SBJames, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I hear you all cry NOT AGAIN! I have done my research but just want to check I have my facts straight, and any advice from those in the know would be much appreciate.

    24 years old (25 in April)
    3 years police service (left around a year ago).

    I have thought of joining the Navy since before leaving school, but was never 100% sure, and knew it wasn’t exactly like a 9-5 job which I could quit with 5 minutes notice! Things change, as they say, and I am now in a position to make the decision once and for all if I want it - it has to be soon, as (this has to be the first time I've ever said this, but I am sure it wont be the last!) age is against me.

    So am I right in thinking that if I joined tomorrow or until the day before my 26th birthday I would join as a sub-lieutenant with 1 years seniority putting me on £22,680, which would then lead to me being promoted after 2 years to a lieutenant, presuming I had met the requirements?

    So my questions if I may:
    1. If I put my form in tomorrow, how long is it likely to take for me to go through the process? - I would be looking to join as a warfare officer.
    2. Do many people start at BRNC as "late" as me?
    3. How much would you say my age could work against me?
    4. What are the living arrangements at BRNC (I believe I read you live on site for basic training - is that just phase 1?), Are you able to rent near by and live with family, or is that not allowed/frowned upon?


  2. I hope you intend to leave your attitude ashore.

    Having been in the police don't automatically mean you will be selected to be an officer.
  3. I'm sorry - I don't think I displayed any attitude.

    I wasn't trying to suggest it would. I was just giving a little bit of my background rather than not saying what I had done before, I could have listed everything, but then my aim was to get advice, not help insomniacs!!

    My UCAS points would allow me to be put before the AIB to decide whether I was right to be an officer.
  4. No you didn't - sorry. I was getting at the police bit, don't they all have attitude, or does that disappear again when you burn the uniform?

    And don't worry about the age, it's not against you yet.
  5. only 95% of them! :) This among several other reasons is why I am not overly keen to go back!
  6. 1. pieces of stirng spring to mind- Ninja may be able to give you a better steer.

    2. Dpends which branch- you're certainly going to be towards the upper age range if you go pusser or dabber but you're not really going to be that much older (most joiners are graduates and will be 22-3)
    3. Age won't really matter if you can jump through all the hoops in the application process before you reach the cut-off point. Simple as that. If you've been in the police then you're probably alright on the fitness side anyway. Other than that, entry to Darntmouth depends entirely on your AIB score and, in the dread phrase you'll come to know and love "the needs of the service."

    4. You live on site all the way through BRNC- Dabber or Pusser that's a year or just slightly under for pusser I believe now. Chances of living ashore, family or not, slightly less than zero.

    Sorry to be a bit blunt but I'm writing this from work...

    Good luck
  7. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer


    1. Depends on how well you pass AIB
    2. Yes - You are very close to the average age on joining so therefore...
    3. ....... not in the slightest.
    4. You will live in during training so living ashore is not an option
  8. No idea what a piece of stirng is, but it's probably of indeterminate length. Really must proof-read :)
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hello James,

    I'm assuming you have a 140 UCAS points at A Level & 5 GCSE's (A*-C) including Maths & English and that you've already read this:

    " Just to clarify Officer Seniority upon joining:

    From 1 April 2007 a sliding scale of seniority based on Educational Qualifications was introduced. This scale is designed to reflect the more varied routes to a similar standard of qualification and is designed to widen the spread of applicants to the Naval Service. A summary of the scale is as follows:

    Masters Degree or Equivalent Antedated Seniority 3.5 yrs
    Graduate or equivalent 3 yrs
    Foundation Degree or equivalent HNC or Equivalent 1 yr
    Basic Entrant- GCSEs, GNVQ and A levels NIL

    These rules apply to mainstream X,E,L and RM officers. Existing rules will apply to E(TM/IS) entrants where credits for degree class and work experience will apply. UY/CC ENTRANTS.

    UY/CC entrants are likely to hold only the minimum officer entry qualifications but most join BRNC/CTCRM over the age of 21. Under current rules these UY/CCs join with 3 years seniority (Sub Lt + 1 Year). Unless special provision for UY/CCs was made, under the above rules based purely on Educational Qualifications, they would gain no antedated seniority having to join as Midshipman with no account taken of their previous Naval Service experience. UY/CCs will therefore be awarded up to 3 years seniority based on their experience since the age of 18 in recognition of their service as a former Rating/Other rank. No additional seniority based on educational qualifications will be made.

    Full years of service as rating since age of18 Rank/seniority – RN Rank (on entry) -RM Rank/seniority – RM after completion of Phase 2 training
    Less than 1 year Mid 2LT Lt
    1 year Mid with 1 years seniority 2LT Lt with 1 years seniority
    2 years S/Lt 2LT Lt with 2 years seniority
    3 years S/Lt 2LT Captain


    The introduction of JPA in November 2006 enabled the pay of new officer entrants to be harmonised across all 3 Armed Forces bringing the RN pay system into line with the Army and Royal Air Force. The main difference in the pay system is that non graduates will enter on a lower starting salary than graduates until they complete their initial officer training. From 1 April 2007 all non graduates join on OF1 Level 1 - £14349 pa until moving to OF1 Level 5 - £22680 on completing Initial Officer Training (on leaving Dartmouth or CTC Lympstone). They will then progress through the pay range by annual increments. On promotion to Sub Lieutenant they move to OF1 Level 6 - £27260.

    Graduates join on OF1 Level 7 – £27981 depending on qualifications and then progress through the pay range by annual increments."

    1. On average 6-12 months for successful candidates, but as already pointed out, your score at AIB dictates if & when you are selected.

    2. About 40% of Engineering Officers come through BRNC, most as SUY (over the age of 26) so you will see many Officers in training who are much older than you.

    3. Age will not work against you, even though the MoD is currently exempt Age Discrimination legistation, the rank on entry is no longer dictated by age on entry but by qualification.

    4. You live on the base in training, once you complete training you may live off the base in private rented, Married Quarters (if married) or in your own house.

    Download Rates of Pay HERE

    Hope that helps.
  10. Very helpful thanks guys.

    I had read somewhere about the qualifications making a difference, rather than the age, but the pdf on the RN website (at least until last night) showed the age upon entry making a difference.

    That makes it a slightly more difficult decision. Oh well!


  11. I still remember a matronly server on the food counter at BRNC telling an Upper Yardman cadet in front of me that greens were good for him. "Yes, that's what I tell my kids, too," he said. He was a 25-year old former CEA1 (Chief Petty Officer) with a wife and two children at home in Fareham but he still had to remain on board 24 hours around-the-clock during his first six weeks like the rest of us.
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If you Download Rates of Pay from the RN website, scroll down, you'll see it's based on qualifications.

    It may well be there's an out of date version floating about, but this is the revised version.
  13. Great, so now you know how to get a link which gives you the wrong information! Congrats, unfortunately there isn't a great deal Ninja or anyone else can do about it!
    Also note that it says rates of pay from April 2007...unless you are one lucky doode, i doubt very much you will have a date for BRNC before April 2008, so you should be reffering to the new one anyway!

    One last thing, why don't you stop wasting your own time asking questions on here and get your application in! You will never know otherwise, just go for it if you want it! Don't let anything stand in your way.
  14. i guess that when you clicked on what is an officer it went to page cannot be displayed

  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Tsk, now look what you've gone & done....

    The person responsible for leaving the old rates of pay on the RN website has been taken outside and flogged.

    (25P should do it :lol: )

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