Not an issue more a suggestion

Having seeing many newbies etc worrying about certain problems with potential medicals etc, I thought how about in the Health & Fitness area a sticky called Ask the doc!

In this all the questions being asked can be all in one place and made easier for the docs to answer them without having loads of threads.

It's only a suggestion and one that won't probably work as people won't both using it and create lots of threads asking questions of the same natures in other parts of the forum.
Nice idea, Tommo.

Yet unless firmly moderated it would be wide open to the crayonning brigade.

I can also envisage poor old Angrydoc being overwhelmed with the sort of mong questions that our tame AFCOs and Soleil deal with so patiently.

Current ad hoc arrangements seem sufficient from my perspective; but lets see what AD's response is.


I can see the advantage of this and have thought about it (as H&F mod). The problem is that currently questions appear usually in Newbies or H&F, but sometimes in other threads. I'm not sure this would change even if I stuck a sticky on H&F - people would still post where they wish.

I check the site out most days (although it sometimes takes a couple of days for me to answer), and Soleil and others are good at pointing me towards questions I've missed.

My plan is to write stickys on things like asthma and depression - all I need is more time! Even with all that info, people will still ask questions though as "mine is more complicated" or "the doctor has got it completely wrong" (both of which are usually untrue, by the way).

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