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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by drewfester, Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. Our CO has told us we are not allowed to post on RR or any other website due to "Fleet Polisy" I dont think this is true (Know it isnt but will not reveal my sources) Anyone else been fed this line??????
  2. Christ I hope not.

    If so your CO is an illiterate twat.
  3. Sounds like your CO is feeding you a line. I've posted on here during the last 3 1/2 years and nobody told me I couldn't. Also, there are plenty of posters currently on here who are SRs, orrificers and even a reggie (spit) who is quite likely to be able to give you the official fleet policy, if you ask him nicely and pretend to be his friend.
  4. It would come out in a DCI if you weren't, not from the mouth of your CO.
  5. Our lot (RNR) get a 'Scarbrough Warning' now and again about this but thats about it.

    That said, an oppo got an ear bender for comments he made about the management a few weeks ago...
  6. How did they know it was him??
  7. A lot that has been posted above, is what i have suspected for some time. Its a crying shame. Kind of censorship, and abuse of power, in the RN and RNR, hiding behind the guise of Personal/operational security, in some cases. No wonder they have a retention problem!! that might be one of the reasons. What happened to "Freedom of Speech" Ps not in the written ????:roll: :roll: Rant over
  8. Well they can't stop us silly old buggers posting so if you want to say something derogatory or just call your co an arsehole, then pm someone and they can put it up for you.
  9. Sounds like a feed of management "arrse" Geddit?

    PM me and I will post anything non-personal for anyone who asks nicely.
  10. :wink: :wink: You wouldnt" Gordon Bennett "it would you :lol:
  11. You rebel. :thumbleft:
  12. Process of elimination...

    A small team in an isolated location and the powers came down on it from all directions.
    CO wanted the person pulled out back to UK, manning wouldn't allow it.

    The person owned up (cleverly) as a damage limitation ex. with an apology.

    Win-win situation in the end!
  13. Hmm, well government policy positively encourages the use of informal social media, but as already observed any Fleet policy would be published either as a DIN or RNTM.

    However your CO is at liberty to apply local restrictions should he (she) wish to do so.
  14. It all depends what you're posting.

    If its good stuff then they love it. If its negative then they don't - No matter how true it is!

    I, like many others treat RR as a bit of a release valve. Some of the b*llshit people spin you just because it suits them can be quickly disproved by checking up on here. Especially if you don't have easy access to the right publications.

    But i also like to try to use it for positive purposes too. Advertising events, comment of previous events etc.

    The best thing is when you get told to use official sources to find out the gen, when the whole reason people ask the questions on here is because the official sources are so out of touch its often unreal. The official sources are really going to tell you the bad bits aren't they! Especially when they are often the cause of them! :wink:
  15. My CO (Wife) says I spend too much time on RR.

    But there again what does she know? :lol:
  16. My wife says the opposite...... and keeps telling me to bog off out from under her feet !! 8O
  17. Is she your household Crusher then too??!! o_O :lol:

    If she can't enforce it, then........ :D
  18. The long haired Admiral is quite happy for me to RR whilst she is watching X-factor and the other rubbish they pump out on TV
  19. That's when you get back from the shops to find that your Ethernet cable has been cut into 1cm segments.
  20. :roll: :roll: tell your missus that my missus agrees :oops: :oops:

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