Not a happy bunny!

I have my PJFT on 1st Feb. Now, i dont pretend to be the best ever at running on a treadmill because, to be honest, i hate them with a passion!

Anyway, since i first started my application to now, it hasnt been long! Just over a month! Passed my medical with no probs too!
But i do work night shift so it is difficult for me to get to the gym as much as i would like!

But.... last week i were loaded with cold, which seems to of gone now, however ive been left with a horrible chesty cough! Any fast movement and im coughing and coughing and coughing!

Soo does anyone know of any miracle cures?!?
(Currently taking cough medicine! however doesnt seem to be working)

Dont say go to docs... cos hes a bit strange and just diagnoses everyone with athsma! And it would prob take a week for me to get an appointment!

:) Cheers
Run more, push yourself as hard as you can and you will cough up any shit you have left in your lungs, I find a sauna often helps you sweat out any illness you have too.

Then go for a really spicy curry and drink whiskey, this will pretty much sort out any ailment you may have.


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Generally other than getting used to running on a treadmill for the sake of passing the PJFT, we would advise individuals to conduct outdoor runs, which also solves the problem of shift work clashing with gym opening hours if the shifts are after 20:00 or during weekends, too.

If you wish to defer the PJFT due to sickness contact your gym to cancel the PJFT & let your AFCO know immediately - ie: before the 28 days elapse, otherwise it counts as a fail.


No cough medicine has ever been proven to do anything useful, other than reduce the amount of spare change in one's pockets.

Coughs often persist after a cold, and it takes a variable amount of time for them to settle. It may be worthwhile going to see your GP, as often persistent cough is a sign of lung infection which requires a short course of antibiotics to resolve. Occasionally people at this stage are prescribed inhalers (similar to those used by asthmatics) to counter the remaining lung inflammation. This is not a suggestion you have developed asthma at all and the inhalers are commonly only required for a week or two. If you don't want to use them then the end result will be no different - they will improve symptoms but will not alter the disease process.
The only person I ever heard of performing miracels was a biblical figure. Apparently he was able to turn water in to wine and (Ideal for long deployments) and helped the lame to walk (Ideal for Wafu's)

I suppose if he was able to conduct such duties during his place of work, then a mere flu and chesty cough would be no bother to heal.

Unfortuately he died over 2000 years ago.

If you'd like my advise, which many people are not interested in. Then I would recommend manning up. A nautical term derived from being pathetic and weak.

That or stop smoking :)
WreckerL said:
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hamisatypeofcheese said:
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Dazza said:
Unfortuately he died over 2000 years ago.
He was born over 2000 years ago, allegedly
Died at the age of 33, allegedly
And he was unlucky enough to be born on Christmas day, wonder if he got double prezzies like my youngest who shares his birthday.
Cousins B`day Boxing Day, thats got to be even worse.
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