Not a good year for AET recruits?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Rogers88, Feb 11, 2012.

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  1. [h=4]Hello people

    Have been in the recruitment process for a while now, passed everything and went onto my final interview in september 2011 which I passed and was given a guestimate start date of May 2012. All very exciting :iconbiggrin:. Have been looking at posts on here for a while now and have noticed that fellow recruits are getting start dates through to Dec 2012 yet I have not heard anything. I gave my recruitment officer a call in january to see how things are progressing and he said that this year is not a good one for AETs and was unable to give me any idea of a start date.
    I understand that as a whole the navy have been affected massively by the defence review and recruitment has slowed down a lot in some areas more than others. Ok I could waffle on all day so will cut to the chase.

    Is anybody in the same situation as me and those who have start dates for Raleigh as an AET, how long have you been waiting and how much notice did you receive?

    Does pestering my careers office on a monthly basis likely to boost my chances of a start date?
    Bottom line is I want this more than anything :iconbiggrin:, getting used to this waiting game business would just like some re-assurance and concrete answers.

    Any advise would be appreciated cheers.
  2. I ring my office every 3-4 months. I sat RT in April 2010 and was expecting a july 2012 start owing to a 26m wait. I rang in Jan and I was told that the AET time is now around 30m for people applying now. I was told it should still be around July for me.
    Around a year ago they changed the max age of some trades (including AET) from 36 years to 30. Also, they (the afco) have told me that somewhere around 20-30% of people being offered places are turning them down. Still that might be disproportionate to AET's.
    You would have thought with all that the lists would have come down somewhat. Never mind. I'll still be waiting with a smile on my face no matter what they do with the lists.

    Can't really say much more than that.
  3. Thanks for the reply EarlyChop, sound like we are very much in the same boat! I passed my RT a couple of months after you. Sometimes can't help think that the goal posts keep getting changed but I guess we just got to keep our chins up. My careers officer to be fair was realistic when I called in January, saying that I'm looking at 2013 but who knows. Would love to get my hands on these damn waiting lists!

    Cheers mate all the best with your application.
  4. I passed my RT in late February 2010 and have a date for September this year so a 31month wait. I passed everything by May 2010 and have completed PJFT on 1st time of asking on both the occasions I've been asked to complete it. Also had no medical hold ups. So you may be looking around the 28-32 month wait even if your application went to plan. I know of 3 other AET's going same date as me and 7 or 8 going within a couple of months either way so dates are being allocated, chin up and good luck.
  5. Looks like it aint summer for me then.
  6. I'm entering as AET and i got a surprise phone call from my AFCO the other day telling me someone had dropped out and i was next in line, for a March entry! So I've been rushed onto a PRNC for the end of the month and am very surprised but really happy. I sat my RT in back in 2010 around sept time if i recall correctly.
  7. Afco's must be allocated spaces per region not nationally otherwise I would have got that phone call. Oh well here's hoping for summer.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Not sure what makes anyone think a monthly phone call will make anyone more likely to get a job ahead of a person that waits his/her turn patiently like thousands of others.

    Keeping your AFCO informed of changes of contact details is certainly handy, but much as it's appreciated it ain't much fun waiting, places are not merit based or related to telephone call frequency.

    Nope, places are allocated on a national basis.
  9. 30 months to be a wafu. Dont think I would wait that length of time, if I had my chance again!!!!!! Only took me that long to make Killick. Yes yes I know that was in the bad old days when we had carriers and fixed wing aircraft:-|
  10. Warning, this is a drip.

    So am I right in saying that someone who sat their RT some five months after me (given that all things are equal, we've both passed everything and are not telling porkies) shouldn't be getting a start date before me? I have no issue with Mr Alex968 of course.

    Given the drip-feed of information available to those waiting to join the career of their lives, you would have to agree that all this might just be a little frustrating. To be honest, I am finding the very outer edges of my border between anxious waiting, and ever so slightly annoyed, being tested. Not that I constantly think about the navy every three seconds nor jump every time the phone rings or am in a constant state of prior planning and on a six day a week physical fitness regime. No, but nevertheless, I am a little concerned as with every extension of the waiting time's I am slowly creeping closer towards my ******* thirtieth birthday thus rendering my application as useful as a cock flavoured lollipop.

    Sorry. Regards and all that.
  11. Age doesn't matter when I went through as an AET someone in my class at Raleigh was 36.
  12. It does now. You have to be under 30 on entry to Raleigh for engineering.
  13. Just a panic thought here if its a 31 month wait for AET what the hell is it for pilots :O
  14. Ah fair enough, didn't realise.
  15. Cheers to everybody for your comments, very interesting to hear other peoples application stories and have heard a lot of which I can relate to. Its good to see that there are AET's are going through this year and that my time will come.:-D

    On a different note, just seen on south today that surveying equipment is in place a Portsmouth to start planning how much crap needs to be dredged out of the channel to allow for access of the new carriers. Pretty damn cool I say. Thanks again.
  16. Dont want to rain on your parade 88 but it is Carrier, singular in 2020 !!!!
  17. When did that happen? I thought we got one with no planes. Then another a few years later with planes and the first being mothballed?
  18. Hell, it might just end up as one bloody massive helicopter ferry at this rate.
  19. Who knows what'll happen by the time the carrier comes.. our Merlin's becoming Mk2, Lynx to Wildcat, SK Mk4 to Merlin Mk3.. F-35B
  20. fishface

    fishface Badgeman Book Reviewer

    I read in Warships IFR that if the money situation gets a bit better they're considering retrofitting the first with cats and traps.

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