Not a good day for Zuckerberg/Facebook

Ah, but apparently there was already had a patent on such a technology, which means that it was Facebook which didn't get off their backside to earn it. The news alone has wiped another few million off the share listing, so I wonder if there's going to be a dot com bubble burst version 2.0.


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The world is going slightly mad, another example of greed and not having to get off your backside to earn it.
What, turning a profit through nicking someone else's idea or turning a profit from suing the thief?

The world may well be going mad. People living their lives on line, some no mark's 'tweet' making headlines, Facebook 'friends', walking/cycling/swimming and texting, smart phone Internet surfing in a restaurant (fine if you are solo but not FFS in company.)

I hope all this social media shite comes to an end and the sanity of those who were once sane returns.
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