Nostril hairs

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by RonJeremy, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. I've just managed to attain the enviable achievement of pulling out 8 nostril hairs in one swift cat that you kunting kunters!
  2. I pulled out a dozen and a bald patch appeared on my swad 8O
  3. Was that from both shoot's of your snot locker, with two hands or just from one vent? 8O :D
  4. Port vent....
  5. Simply F*ckin class. :D
  6. :evil:
    Homo!! :evil:
  7. Fukk off you dirty fukking bummer....I also pluck the hairs from my well fukked hoop, thereby proving just how fukking nails I am!
  8. funny you should say that but i mentioned something about doing "Nailz" mum up the marmite motorway a while back. I must remember to count the hairs on the end of my bell next time!!

    P.S Fcuk you you fcuking nonce!! :D
  9. Its funny you should mention that, when they arrested that Vanessa George did you see who was in the background trying to get in first for the vacancy. :D :D
  10. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Can't beat quantity, but the killick of my watch on the Sheffield plucked an 18mm long nasal hair during the middle one night. The longest for my watch that deployment.
  11. I bet I ain't the only one who just fetched a tape to see how long that is 8O :D
  12. And there was me thinking you kept the tape to see how you big you were! ;)
  13. Without boasting, I can tell you that I am rigged like a three badge canary.

    I just stick it next to my little finger and then I can see if my nail has grown. :oops: 8O :D
  14. I'd say I put mine next to my foot to see if I've went up a shoe size but A) I'd be lying and B) I'm not sure that's physically possible.
  15. Dammit, you recognised me.......! :lol:
  16. Oh, you fcuking, cnuting, pissflap sniffing, hoop dhobying, hamster shagging, slack arsed, sheep worrying, mong bothering [email protected] STOP FCUKING SWEARING.
  17. I use a pair of oily short flat nose pliers to get mine out. I've found that getting every one of the buggers in one go is far less painful than trying to pull out each individually. I did read somewhere that pulling nose hairs can cause irreparable damage though...
  18. ...that's because the bastards are attached to the back of the eyeballs. :cry:
  19. If your really hard. pluck one out of the base of your knacker sack 8O
  20. are they attached to the back of the eye balls to?

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