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I think what people mean is;

Swing mounted - no ribbon backing

Court mounted - backed with medal ribbon on a felt (?) backed stiffening, this was allegedley to stop one of the monarchs being annoyed by all the rattling and jungling from the all the bemdalled courtiers etc at Court



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I am more inclined to have them Swing mounted than Court mounted (not a fan).

Just wondered if there were Dress Regs relating to mounting as I don't want to fork out money for mounting if they are wrong!
There is a thread over on aarse somewhere about this, something about Guards regiments etc being court mounted, but also depending on the other unit COs. - some allow apparently.
Having more than 2 swing mounted, they can be scratched etc allegedly

There seems to be a few vets having this way, my own are still in boxes awaiting hanging.

It looks more tiddly - but it costs a bit more to get court mounting.



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Depends on the regiment/service. RN used to be swing mounted unless at court, but it may have changed, as there are a lots of people walking about with court mounts nowadays.


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Never saw or heard of any naval people having medals 'court mounted'.

'British Naval Dress', Dudley Jarrett, Dent 1960, doesn't mention the subject and as all the illustrations show medals swing-mounted (as far as one can make out) I would imagine there was no recogintion that there was any alternative. Gieves would have known about this in the old days, as they had the Admiralty contract for kitting out new officers. Pongoes are a different dish, particularly judging by the enormous number of threads on ARRSE about medals, hats, stable belts, buttons, lanyards, messkit, boots, ..


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higthepig said:
Surely there is a Military Guide for all of the Armed Forces on how medals are mounted?

There is, in the Dress Regs. Until a few years ago the option for Court Mounting was for Officers alone (Why on earth that should be God knows, as the SRs tended to have more need to stop the rattling).

Now it is optional for anyone - pays your money, you takes your choice.

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