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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by 8-bits, Jun 20, 2008.

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  1. I'm serious about this: but what is the point of issuing JR's with Nos 1 uniforms?

    I've been in the mob for 16 yrs so far and am a LSCIS (LRO old money). The last time I wore my Nos 1s were 7 years ago on Leadership. My usual working rig is either 8's or Desert 95. The only time I see anyone in Nos 1s is a SR or Officer doing OOD duties. Yet I have to use excess baggage on the airlines all the time dragging round a Nos 1s suit which I never wear. Given the fact that the army parade in Combat 95s in public now (and quite right cos it gives the public a chance to see the army for what it is) and Matelots don't really do ceremonial surely alot of time and effort can be saved by ditching the square rig completely.

    It's a romantic invention of the thirties anyway, with little in common to what was worn at Trafalgar. Matelots should be happy to parade in threes if they ever have to.
  2. A big NEGAT (with a time!) On that one mate! I like yourself joined the mob as a RO sixteen and a bit years ago. I personally think it was an outrage when they got rid of the old white front for the white 3's shirt. As one of my oppos stated in the Dockyard Dandy. 'It has changed us into a flotilla of car parking attendants' The old square rig IS a part of our heritage, and we should keep it. What would happen if they did get rid of the square rig? Yes they would save a little money, would it go back into the RN. I doubt it very much. As for carrying it around from from draft to draft. Why not post it through good ol' pussers mail when you go Leave On Draft. I do this everytime with majority of my kit costs nothing and saves the hassle. If you unsure where your next draft is why not have it posted through to your nearest careers centre. A quick phone call to them asking them to hold a parcel for you and I am sure that they will oblige. They do with me. AGR, Steaming Bats, Nos 1's and fives all go through this method. Saves me hassle and also trying to reclaim the money that I have had to shell out on excess baggage when I get to my next draft.
  3. My real point is that most JRs never wear their Nos 1s. So whats the point? I would suggest it's better for the public to see us as what we are. The Victorians didn't think about what was worn 100 years previously when uniforming their sailors. If we want the original Maritime uniform then we may as well go on divisions in horned helmets and big swords (with screaming virgin over one shoulder for SRs).
  4. I understand your point, but surely the issue is on the occasions when it is worn - Remembrance Sunday etc. - it provides a visible naval identity to the public in an era when the Navy is often far from people's minds. No 3 dress looks like a security guard's outfit, hat notwithstanding. CS95s are fine for the Army because people still understand 'that's the Army'. If you take away JRs no 1s for these special occasions then you run the risk of undermining the public image of the Service still further. I appreciate it's a pain in the arse to haul around, but 'authenticity' is I think irrelevant - the public in general recognise it today as a Navy uniform, and in an era when the Service's profile is low, that's why it should stay.
  5. I think if you'd suggested this a few years back you might have had more people with you- problem is, the boat has been missed. The army are being strongly encouraged not to wear C95 for parades etc, other than homecomings, etc, and barrack dress is once more on issue. Why, because there were complaints that the RN/RAF looked smarter on parades than the guys turning up in their you-can't-see-me-suits. The wheel has turned again.
  6. In my opnion this is a stupid idea.

    Yes on some parades the army wear 95s but not on all. Do you really think the savings amde with this would actually ammount to anything like an important amount of money?
  7. The problem is not helped by the lady friendly No1s and the flat milk churn cap. Together with the new easy fit silk lanyard and collar. Plus no bell bottoms with horizontal creases.

    A quick look at the users gallery will show the new style make most look like a bag of shite compared with the old style bells and fitted top, plus cap with a bow wave. It would have been better if all had gone over to the old wrens style caps which looked very smart.

    But then who gives a shit.

  8. 8-bits mate, you sound like a politician chipping away at our heritage and tradition. The junior rates No1 uniform is the only military uniform that can easily be identified from a long distance away. Every other uniform can be mistaken for anything!. Leave it alone!.
  9. I used to love wearing my No1's and even did so on leave around town.
    The old folks loved it as did the young ladies as well.

    They would start off touching your collar and by the end of the night would be touching other things as well.

    Bring the old style one back I say!
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    8-bits: If you don't want to wear your JRs Noz Wuns, get yer rate! :thumright:
  11. 8 bits equals one byte. 8-bits is clearly a man of the digital age unlike myself, an old dit-dah-dit sparker who was dragged into the satelite age in my 34 years service. Sorry mate, I disagree with your point of view in spades!

    Look at the photos of the carriers on this site where the boys (and of course now the girls) in Noz 1's in procedure alpha. We simply cannot give that up!

    I guess the question should be: "Why don't we wear our No. 1's more often"

    Matelots out-and-about in rig in the UK get a hugely positive reception from the public. I might have moaned from time to time being made to wear uniform ashore in UK but I have to admit once I was ashore I invariably had a great time. Wear it with pride but most of all Wear it !
  12. Whilst visiting the HMS Belfast exhibition in Traf sq yesterday, one of the staff was helping a 5/6 year old into the old style ratings rig. This was of an older style collar, complete with tapes. He, despite being in the RNR himself didnt know how the tapes were secured. After I commented on that was part of our "Proper" uniform" I demonstrated on how the collar was fastened. Also increasing his knowledge by saying that apparently it was lucky to touch Jack's collar.
    Can anyone tell me how/when/why this radition came about and is it still relevant today.
    Keep the uniform as it is, I originally had the square rig with horizontally ironed bell bottoms, and loathed the new rig when it came out.
  13. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Concur Nutty & others re the loss of the 7-seas creases which were ditched when coat hangers came in instead of everything packed flat in a locker. Not that I had to wear the rig of course but compared with today's traffic warden rig, no contest.

    And bring back, for officers, ice-cream suits (SRs' ice-cream suits always looked awful, no shoulder boards of course to set them out, and in a lighter material to facilitate dhobeying, looked like pyjamas). The bush-jacket rig only looks half-way serious.
  14. I am not even in the navy yet and i think the NO 1's are great and i for one can not wait to wear them with pride :thumright:
  15. Then why do we have the RAF and the Army in uniform at Wimbledon, and some stupid rig like a prawn with a white hat on , a shirt and the words Royal Navy on his shoulders? Don`t we know what a Sailor looks like anymore? Whoever designed that rig needs Naming and Shaming, Are you listening Admiral?
  16. I got married in no 1s. Bell bottoms 7 creases bow wave on the cap. Bees knees. Dont know about todays no 1s Ice cream hat comes to mind.
  17. Can I park my car here mate?
    Oh sorry but you looked like a parking attendant. Or, perhaps totally dumbed down like one of the police people that aren't, community dogs bodies or whatever they are. Or, someone from British Gas perhaps?
    There is nothing on a ratings uniform that is a mark of shame. There is however on an officers uniform.
    I agree it is old fashioned but it is distinctive and as others have suggested if you don't like it, then get promotion.
    I'd bring back the white front as well as it looked really smart.
  18. How about "The contents?"

  19. Unless it has changed recently when wearing full dress uniform an RN officer needs to carry his sword, otherwise it would drag on the ground.
    This was brought about after a mutiny in the 19th century and thought to have been under the instructions of old Queen Vic.
    It was also her who is reputed to have been the first to call the mutineering officers 'pigs'; a title that has stuck to this day.
    Anyway thats wot we woz taught!
  20. Nos 1's Rock. As a Po I'd love to still be able to wear JR's 1's as they look fcuking brilliant, The most iconic uniform ever. As for 5's. (Or 3's or what have yer) they should be binned post haste, utter sh1t and no-one knows who we are.

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