Norwegian lights

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Roco, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. I bet the night club just over the horizon is feeling a bit sheepish about their new sky-show
  2. Ooh er!! We're doomed I tell you, DOOMED!!

  3. Just man up for fcuk sake, its just that cnut "Torchy" the battery boy.
    Its all these fcukers resurrecting the 70's and such like.

    They''ll soon pull the plug on him. :wink:
  4. I reckon it was those cheeky Top Gear presenters up to another one of their tricks. Failing that, I have it on good authority that Max Hastings is involved.
  5. Look into my eyes...not around the my eyes.

    It's that cnut Derren Brown trying to hypnotize an entire nation.
  6. Possibly Norway-Chris out on the town?

    (Perhaps that is why he left RR - Busy with the biggy preps for this light show - All projected from/to his newbie boat, of course, dontcha know.)

    RYA Day/Coastal Skippers..... ? Trained loads of 'em, passed some, failed others - 'specially Strawberries. :twisted:
  7. It's in the daily Mail, therefore it will be some kind of darkie job stealing death ray.
  8. I don't want to sound like some sort of a sad freak. But if anyone is interested, get onto a guy called 'Alex Collier'. If this is your cup of tea, you'll like him.
  9. He has death rays?
  10. CP What the bloody hell is 'death rays?'
  11. Big blue beams of light that cause, well, death! Like what Aliens have.
  12. Sorry my head was somewhere else! No, he doesn't have 'death rays'. However, he does claim to be mates with an ET race known as the Andromedans from the star system Andromeda, so to speak.... You know, it's basic shit!
  13. Do the Chinese have them, their Aliens.
    I'm fcukin off down the shelter, I'm scared now.
  14. He sounds like a gimp. I'll avoid him.
  15. No no, it's the arse-hole of the Universe.
  16. I have to admit, my first thought was aliens, but now I look at it I think it's a weather balloon.

    Either that or some ruskie missile or "death ray" gone wrong?

    (there's a black omega in my driveway...)

    erm, nope, definately weather balloon
  17. It's Santa playing with his new toys
  18. Sorry Guys, I didn't think anyone would notice - I had just bought this fabulous million candle inspection light from B&Q and was shining it up my nose to amuse the kids - it must have reflected off my aquamarine tinted sunglasses (I always take precautions with this sort of lighting "power").

    I am about to get started on a letter of apology to each and every Norwegian (by name) but it might take a few hours to finish.

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