Northwood PJHQ J2 Hell on fcuking earth

I had the severe misfortune to be appointed to PJHQ in 1999 what a wank place the only good thing was living in digs ashore but seeing as I was watchkeeping down the hole 14 hours a day I didn't have much of a social life. And they did send me to Norfolk Virginia for six weeks. Did the vetting shit and the job itself was interesting as fcuk I was on the Russian Maritime desk can't say much more or I may get severely in the pooh - the real balls aching pain were the SO2s all passed over Lt Cdrs just eeking out their time to pension they would try and catch you out and would take every opportunity to demean you in front of the 1*s and above'

They made the watchkeepers lives a fcuking misery I always enjoyed the nightshifts the most because the passed over fcukers were mainly dayworkers and we had one SO2 as watchleader. within 3 months I wanted out desperately thank fcuk I got ARK in 2000 or I would have walked it was as bad as that in fact I nearly went on the trot not bad as a WO1 I think that would have been a first for the pusser, not long after I left they moved everyone back onboard to live in portacabins so even that perk disapeared. Anyone else had a really, really fcuking dogshit draft??
i once had to turn too for a full watch from 1900 - 0400.

god i dripped for the rest of the deployment.

felt like sabotaging the jets for ages after that

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