Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by spearfish, Nov 28, 2008.

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  1. In World War 2 Sir Max Kennedy Horton had his headquarters in Northways.
    Does anybody have any information on Northways and when was it closed?
  2. Horton rather famously moved his headquarters from Aberdour where he was under the thumb of the fleet commanders at Scapa Flow to Northways in north London, officially because he wanted a freer hand in running his command, but purportedly because Northways was located near some of his favorite golf courses. Horton, an avid golfer, is said to have played a round of golf almost every day during the war, and was generously handicapped at a "financial 8".
    from wikipedia
  3. I have read somewhere that Northways was a requisitioned block of flats in Swiss Cottage.I wonder when the owners got it back?
  4. I think that this is the block of flats in question:
  5. Spearfish - does this fit in with what you already know?
  6. The trouble is that I know almost nothing about the place!The age of the building you posted above looks correct though.
  7. Does anybody else have any information on activities at this building during World War 2?
  8. I know a bit more about this now, having spoken to one of the archivists at Camden, the borough in which Northways is situated. She told me that Flag Officer Subs moved in there in the early spring of 1940 and took over 2/3 complete floors. She mentioned Admiral Claude Barry to me. A Wren who worked at Northways has written something about her time there in the Camden Historical Review and I'm waiting for a copy so that I can read her account.

    There is mention of Northways in the National Archive at Kew e.g. as follows:

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