Northern Irish Submariners

Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and have a question for Northern Irish or indeed submariners who have family/partners based very far (or across the sea!) from their working base.

I'm quite late on with the application for the Submarine service, and with having a partner in Northern Ireland that can't move over for personal reasons...I'm just wondering if relationships survive long distance, and how often would I get home on a realistic basis? I would hope to serve in Faslane from the outset, as I always fancied living in Scotland for a few years and would be the handiest of the two bases to get home!!!!


i,m from down south (kent)married a derry girl in 67 during the troubles was on resolution and repulse had no problem getting over in them days now its even easier what with easijet and all
good to hear...hope you haven't adopted that annoying Derry accent!!!!!

From my understanding the V class will be a 3month on off basis, so when on duty alongside at base, is it a full 9-5 Mon to Friday of training or is there alot of time off? If there is time off when alongside, I would imagine it wouldn't be structured i.e. being told to finish early on certain days at last minute notice but not knowing what days you'll finish early away in advance?