Northern Ireland

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by hobbit, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. Still going after ???? years . From my own time in 'Derry , the only occasion when I carried live ammo on ' trot ' during my 12 , the problem festers on . As an objective comment , is it time for England to pull the plug and get out ?. Would it solve the problem. Is NI another version of Iraq where internal fighting will never really go away ? What may have been a good idea originally may now be due for a change. The Commonwealth too may need revision as its original purpose appears to have gone off track . Like some things of a personal nature these issues need monitoring for their value and disposed of if no longer approprate . The Commonwealth, of course , is a source of continuing overseas ' jollies for pollies ' and unlikely to be disbanded for that reason . Just a thought looking at the latest shootings.
  2. The QM on STALKER always carried a pistol with 12 rounds in his caboosh as far back as 1962, and the duty PO had a Sterling. One of the stokers did a sub for one of the QMs, got bored and loaded it. Unfortunately, a fly found its way in and couldn't find it's way out, so he blew it away - we did not see him for quite some time afterwards..............
  3. Very hard moral decision for anyone to make. The last referendum they had the people said they wanted to stay within the United Kingdom.
    Maybe it's time to ask the people again.

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