Northern Echo: "County's Adopted Ship To Visit Region"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Oct 28, 2011.

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  1. Looks like their will be lots of hangovers them
  2. "But the highlight for almost 200 of the ship’s company will be a Freedom Parade in Durham". Yeah right! Not the brewery run/available local tottie afterwards!
  3. The CO has ditched myself and 3 others with only ten mins notice to get from Pompey to meet the Ship in Newcastle Monday, no money to be used, and we also need to complete various challenges.

    Go to RAF Odiham and get a picture taken in an aircraft.
    Picture in No 1's cooking with celeb chef
    Kick a football on premiership football club pitch
    Tea with the Mayor of Durham
    Get on BBC NE tv
    Witness the bishop's inauguration

    We got a free lift to Gibraltar Barracks and got free accommodation for the night yesterday. Got free lift to Odiham, had picture then hopped on a Chinock going to London. Got a ride with the police to Highgate, free underground travel to Hammersmith, had a quick kick around on QPR's pitch. Then free underground ride to our free night in the Union Jack Hotel. We've had free meals since we got dropped off by LCU in Pompey. Not spent a penny. Will be blagging tomorrow to go to Newcastle

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  4. Secured a coach ride to Carlisle thanks to the driver being an ex RM WO2

    So far so good now leaving London

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  5. You've done brilliantly so far. Which challenges are there still left for you to do?
  6. Tea with Mayor of Durham which ant do until up there the same for witness the bishops do, the one we struggle with is cooking with a celeb. Non available in London according to their PR people and agents. So hoping we may get one up north

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  7. Did you talk to anyone representing James Martin?
  8. Yes you name a well known chef we've tried them. Anthony Worrell Thompson only one who was available but logistically out of our way in the time scale he was available in.

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  9. I'm sure there is one who can be found. There might be well-known chefs you haven't thought of.

    Have you tried to contact the Mayor of Durham yet btw?
  10. When you say "Witness the bishop's inauguration", what do you mean?
  11. May have a chef contact for you.
  12. Got the mayor's details once we're there will contact.

    We think it's the ceremony where the sin basher becomes the bish. We basically have to gate crash it

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  13. We're currently outside Birmingham

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  14. If you want to witness the Consecration of the Bishop of Durham, you may need to contact Dr Who to request the loan of his Tardis.

    It took place on Friday.
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  15. Bugger then will have to go visit him instead

    Adapt improvise overcome

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  16. It's possible that the service might have been recorded; could you look at some of the recording with him and still claim to have 'witnessed the Bishop's Consecration"?
  17. Just got a coach from Manchester to Newcastle! Got to love ex forces people who drive coaches

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