North-West Evening Mail: "Call For Dual-Purpose Subs"

Seaweed said:
Man's a fool who doesn;t know anything about the subject. However even bigger fools may not see this.
Professor Chalmers has "a PhD in Peace Studies from the University of Bradford" where he is also "Professor of International Politics in the Department of Peace Studies" (link). He is also "a former adviser to Jack Straw and Margaret Beckett when they were foreign secretaries" (link).

I don't know how he's managed to infiltrate RUSI but I doubt he represents the views of the majority of its members. The logic of his argument that, in a non-Cold War world, a nation will always have sufficient warning of a pre-emptive strike to be able to get its deterrent to sea is not borne out by the events of 7 Dec 1941.
Professor Chalmers clearly knows very little about Boats and their different jobs.Why his opinion is worth anymore than anyone elses I'm not really sure.I am sure that being having been an advisor to Jack Straw and Margeret Becket on his CV does not persuade me he's worth listening to.


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I'm sure his brief was to look into ways and options to save cash and still provide the bomb. I wonder if the multi-task boat is a streched A-boat with a couple of extra bulkheads in his mind? That would be a pisser for any submariner in the future, because they would only be running out of Faslane, Coulport, Guz or rare trips to the states. The three boat option seems to be banded around, but at some point you can say goodbye to CASD patrols. I'm all for scrapping Bombers and building missile silos just outside London and the Falklands.
There is some very harsh criticism here from people whose own knowledge of the subject is not what could be called 'expert'. It would seem that many have not even read the summary of the review that Sol posted. If you have genuine concerns or criticism about what has been mooted, why not express them in a cogent argument - if your only argument is to say that an erudite man is a fool for looking at different options, then don't be surprised if no-one listens to you.
Scouse_Castaway said:
Peace Studies.... Thats certainly an interesting subject im sure. Wonder what it entails
Call me cynical.. :twisted:
Could the dear old duffer be anticipating a change of career into politics. What a set of brownie points in Cumbria if he gets the government to shell out for lots of lubbly-subblies. 8)


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Joe_Crow said:
It would seem that many have not even read the summary of the review that Sol posted.
I do love jibba jabba. :wink:

"The Government is committed to maintaining an effective nuclear deterrent. Given the opportunity costs for conventional capabilities that current plans for Trident renewal are due to incur over the next decade, however, there is now a growing case for a re-examination of whether there are less expensive means of pursuing this objective. A key element of such a review is likely to be a reconsideration of the need to maintain a commitment to CASD in strategic circumstances that are now very different from those in which it was first introduced"
I printed off and read the RUSI article by Prof Chambers; he is clearly an intellectual, however he knows diddly squat about submarine operations/ engineering etc. Therefore his options, whilst OK at a theoretical level, do not really stack up. I could go on but I really do not have the time to write a f*cking essay on the matter.

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