North Wales Chronicle: "RN Frigate To Berth At Holyhead"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Oct 29, 2010.

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  1. Commander 'Keri' Harris...... what kind of name is that !

    should be 'Bomber'... like it always has. :roll:
  2. Or 'Chats' even ! :oops:
  3. 5 days in Holyhead!!!

    My god after a few hours the suicide rate will double.

    Was voted most depressing town in the UK during the late 80's two years running.
  4. My AFCO has arranged a visit tomorrow afternoon. I'm not planning on staying in Holyhead for longer than is absolutely necessay though :D
  5. I'm so pleased you are going down.

    When I saw the article and details of where the ship was going, I thought: "K640 - that's his neck of the woods - I'll list the article, so that he can see that a ship is coming his way".
  6. I had a run ashore in Holyhead during my square rigger adventure this summer. Grim
  7. Thanks Sol. It seems it's not open to the public though so just as well the AFCO sorted me out. Now if someone could just arrange for an Astute to pop in... :D

  8. Just look down-river towards the nearest sandbank............ :oops:

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