North Korea Sabre Rattling

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SJRM_RN, May 27, 2009.

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  1. With the septics having their hands trapped in 2 mangles already and a p**sed off Joe Public homeside, it could be very interesting.
  2. The thing is the US will have a Nimitz CVN sitting on Pyongyang along with its usual fleet of arleigh burke's and support ships...what can we send?
    A CVS with a couple of ground attack Harriers, a T42, if we can find a spare one and maybe a couple of T23's just to make it look good. Oh and if we're really lucky, we might get an RFA that ain't gonna break down too!

    Hopefully gogz and his mates in the gov will stop whittling away our money on duck ponds and dry rot and actually give us a navy to be proud of!

  3. We could send Arthur Scargill see if he can negotiate a deal. Bless him.
  4. Ha have to keep a eye on the news now. Funny how the UK is no longer gonna build tanks and still deciding about the euro fighter and also military severly undermanned ohhh what are we gonna do ?????
    Also just been watching the news once more, and watching them doing the marching, is it me but are they all the same height and look all the same, could this be down to genetic engineering????
  5. They say all this military crap is for protection - protection from who?
    I haven't heard anyone threatening to go in there. I think you would have a better time in the swat valley.
  6. The US 8th Army has been stationed in South Korea since the 50s. That's exactly like North Korea stationing a nuclear-armed army in the Republic of Ireland along the border with Northern Ireland. We'd be wary of the N Korea's intentions in that case, wouldn't we? Similarly, North Korea is very uptight about the US' intentions in South Korea. Didn't the US carry out a "pre-emptive strike" in Iraq for no other purpose than to install a more pro-American regime? Why yes, they did! No wonder NK is paranoid about suffering a similar fate. To my mind, they are pretty justified in being so vigilant.
  7. The only thing stopping the NK's from going South and wiping out the SK's is that buffer zone...reverse your thinking, maybe it's wise for South Korea to be vigilant, I mean who supports North Korea....I will give you a hint... USSR and CHINA......Russian Mig's and Chinese troops...if we had of let them North Korea would have swept South Korea and we would be dealing with a bigger problem today... :wink:
  8. AfterSSE and dunkers . You are both right. The difference now, though, is that China has more to lose by being involved. They are now trading with (OK, selling to) the World and have a lot of money tied into American debt. That can only complicate their decision making.
  9. It is nothing like NK installing a nuclear armed army in Ireland, stupid comparison and the mention of Iraq has nothing to do with it either.
    The U.S. only interviened 'after' the north invaded the south and have stayed their to assist with the defence of the south.

    The north has one of the worste dictatorships anywhere in the world so why they call themselves 'The Peoples Democratic Republic' is stupid, but of course they don't realise that.

    They are just after handouts from the rest of the world because they have made such a cockup of running their own country. You only have to look at the huge difference between the north and the south to see how their attempt at running a country has failed and failed miserably.
  10. I don’t believe dunkers was being “stupid†in his broad point. After all, it’s not that dissimilar to Putin’s hissy fit at the prospect of American missiles (albeit air defence) being deployed in Poland. Also American respect for other people’s borders isn’t always a feature of their diplomacy. America does make people who don’t think American very nervous. Admittedly, that’s just two components of a very complex problem; but they’re components nonetheless. As has been already mentioned, NK’s belligerence abroad is also a useful diversion from its own domestic problems. I recall a chap called Galtieri doing something similar.
  11. And now the North has said they are no longer bound by the ceasefire signed in the 50s.

    Its time China stepped in and put Kim in his place, instead of letting him starve his people and send his country back to the stone age.

    A quick comparison.


    The North can't win if it attacks the South. China and Russia won't get involved if they do as it would only spark a wider war, and seriously, would either of them dare to agree with what Kim is doing? :tard:
  12. That's an interesting picture. North Korea looks like UK probably would if the Greens or Liberals had control!

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