North Korea.....again !

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Flagdeck, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. BBC News - North Korea tensions: Russia's Lavrov fears 'spiral'#

    That little man in Pyongyang is at it again. I've no doubt Uncle Sam could vapourise North Korea in an afternoon, but Uncle Ivan is getting twitchy. If Uncle Chan wants his two penneth things could 'mushroom'.
    We had a thread on this topic last month......but the problem doesn't seem to want to go away.
    The nervous finger on the trigger could start twitching.............I seem to recall a situation in 1962 with Cuba.......only this time the bombs are bigger.
  2. He certainly does seem to be a tad bonkers to say the least. Maybe I'm naive, I'm certainly far from expert on international politics and the such, but I really don't think there's much to worry about here. Hope I'm right.
  3. Its the 'mix' that concerns me..........three super powers and a trigger happy nutter.....good job George the simple has gone to pastures new....otherwise we'd have two trigger happy nutters...hope you're right Guzz....!
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  4. whats the bet that call-me-dave wants us to send a couple of ships and a sub..?

    good luck with that
  5. I'm sure that only one sub would not be enough to feed millions of starving North Koreans.
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  6. I recon that the most dangerous time for the real threat of him pushing buttons or attempting to is if ever his own people rise up against him.
    Could be a scenario of "well if I ain't running the show, there's no show"....BANG.
  7. On a serious note!!! I reckon the old school generals have jumped on the band wagon after the last boss died. They quickly identified the youngster is gullible and are pushing his buttons and winding him and the South Koreans up a treat.

    History won't blame the generals after al, they will blame a ugly slope with a serious hair identity problem.

    Hope it quietens down soon, kinda getting serious over there!!!!
  8. Empty vessels make the most noise.I would think China has a grip on things. What would worry me though, is that every time the world has gone through a financial crisis of the magnatude now being experienced, the thing thats brought it out again is a war.And I mean a big one.
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  9. Lets go out in a blaze of glory.
    All I ever wanted from a Nuclear Holocaust is that the first bomb in my area hits me smack on the bonce.
    You ain't got no right living if you can't take a little joke like dying.
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  10. I've always said exactly the same thing Rummers - I want to know where the nearest top target is at all times so I can stand right underneath it when the instant sunrise arrives.

    I really don't want to live in what remains.

    Funnily enough, same doesn't apply in a 28 Days Later scenario though!
  11. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    If the region goes pear shaped ( like Dear Leader ), the MARS tanker project may well join it up the creek, negative propulsion. I don't know if any steel has been cut yet but the first ship is due in Autumn 2015 with the others following six monthly. The RFA would probably prefer them not to glow in the dark.
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  12. [​IMG].........well, it worked before !
  13. One minor flaw in you plan Flagdeck...
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  14. I'm relying on the fact that they're living in a time warp.
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  15. 625539_10200498588043756_1335951050_n.jpg

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  16. Don't think like a Brit think like a Chinese ( or Korean all the same ) if you can't then read ( or watch ) Shogun then tell me we are not dealing with a bunch of complete nutters who will as ure as hell do something stupid and hopefully result in their extinction Watch Panorama next week and start digging your cave and wait till the dust settles ( about 2,000 years)
  17. They've certainly done something with the punctuation from your post. I had to read it four a five times to work out what you were dribbling on about. I wish I hadn't bothered.

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  18. Blimey, on the telly news it's looking lively over there.

    Is he nuts enough?

    What about Kim Jong Un as well for that matter?
  19. I'm smelling a rat here.
    China has been involved with diplomatic talks with the US, N and S Korea and has said just to have a chat and sort things out amongst yourselves. So they aren't bovvered as they cannot see an obvious threat to Sino interests (aka the West and N Korea blowing the sh1t out of each other and thus destroying their markets for their goods).

    So why is this happening? Anyone read of the impending financial disaster recently? No? Oh, wonder why? Linky
  20. Whatever the political wranglings, the N.Korean's Glorious Leader seriously needs a haircut and a workout.Fat, flabby scrote desperate to make a name for himself in Pappa's memory and at whose expense ?
    The whole of N.Korea's made to look totally brainwashed by the slant of the media's reporting.
    Let's just hope this particluar Yorkie stops yapping and snapping at the heels of the big guns. 'Little' situations can turn silly very quickly.

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