Normans very own bucket of sh!t part II

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by jennyw, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. Re: Captain removed from post

    Like the doctor telling his patient Ive good news and bad news
    Which first?
    The bad news is you've got a dicky heart. And --
    The good news is you've also got Alzheimer'--- So you'll have forgotten about it by the morning
  2. Re: Captain removed from post

    The MOD says that Jeremy is being moved to a post where his talents and experience can be used to best effect.
    Clearly the sea ,warships and Jeremy are never to be reunited. Being skilled in Tabloid /MOD relationships an Associate Editorship of the Sun beckons.
  3. Re: Captain removed from post

    Must be great to be on first-name terms with him. Are you bestest friends for ever?
  4. Re: Captain removed from post

    Go and wash your mouth out.
    These are Commanding Officers from a privileged background for the most part. One or two (token) have come from the ranks but--principally, they are from the public school educated sector. ( paid for by tax-payers -(You and me)

    What do you expect?
  5. Re: Captain removed from post

    Sorry, I have no idea just what the point is that you are trying to make?
  6. Re: Captain removed from post

    That we are not getting the best available. Not too many years ago it was not possible for a bright young man from the Lower Deck to aspire upwards. The privileged few would have prevented that.
    How many of todays AF's Admirals Vice Admirals and Rear Admirals came from the Sink Estate Schools?

    Not one. All from Independent Schools Paid for by us.

    Aye there's the rub!
  7. Re: Captain removed from post

    Is that you Norma…

    Are you still bitter because the Navy didn't make you an Occifer and passed over your Grandson?
  8. Re: Captain removed from post

    The feast of the passed-over, always a good excuse for a piss up. =)
  9. Re: Captain removed from post

    Of course taxpayers pay. Did 1SL's children go to the local sink school? Did he pay for them to attend superior Public Schools No he did not. We did. All part of his package .
    Atempting to defend it-- just makes one cringe even more.
  10. Poor old Norma… no good in the Navy and had to become a brown job…

    …and he's still a brown jobbie. :thumright:
  11. Re: Captain removed from post

    as he "binned" was a product of that Class System-- And failed it>
  12. Re: Captain removed from post

    Indeed. I enjoyed a fine independent school education at HM Government's expense.

    Only thing was, though, was that Dad wasn't the 1SL. In fact, he didn't even have a commission. He was a sergeant (since you're obviously thick as mince, that's like a petty officer, but in green.)

    When last I looked, Boarding Schools Allowance was payable to all ranks. Or, if that still looks a bit expensive, join the queue for the Duke of Yorks.
  13. Norma qualifies for BSA too……

    Bull Shitting Allowance. :thumright:
  14. Re: Captain removed from post

    It is not the service I traduce columniate or otherwise misrepresent. I hold the Royal Navy in high regard. It's its present day upper deck that disappoints. No cheap little digs at social class as you suggest mere alarm at such ineptitude from, principally the product of Independent Schools paid for by the tax payer for the most part. ( Their parents served).
    If you think the RN is presently well-run it must be a matter of some concern to your logic that so few wish to join and fewer still wish to stay on for their fifth-fives.
  15. Re: Captain removed from post

    Mods, not sure why my post above was left in when the others went to the Gash Barge- can it go there now please along with further ramblings which it is attracting. Otherwise this is just going to get dragged off topic again.
  16. Re: Captain removed from post

    Of course it was. The bright Corporal's children received the same public school education as the Commodore's not so bright? I checked with a teacher colleague of my wifes at Charterhouse. How many A.B.s children currently attend? None.
    How many Half Colonels and Commanders? The school is full of them paid for for the most part by taxpayers (Including the AB) His (or her) children will be at the equivalent of an Independent "sink" school. Equal opportunity? Duke of York's notwithstanding
  17. Re: Captain removed from post

    A sample of todays fighting spirit?

    "Further ramblings" They're getting the better of me so please bin them otherwise "Counselling" will be called for. I'm not going to be dragged "Off topic" again. It's all becoming too much!
  18. Oh how lahdie da Norma! Charterhouse is it?

    One does so slum it with the proles
  19. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    If this 'bright' corporal's children are good enough to get into a school such as Charterhouse, and yet he doesn't place them there, then maybe he's not so bright after all.....

    At my children's school its pretty much an even mix...
  20. Re: Captain removed from post

    Are you still convinced the Top Brass of today's navy are up to their jobs. Do those of those two decks down still think that those grammar school pilots and observers -- who served but a dog watch, represent the Upper Deck.
    How many AF's, Admirals and Officers of Flag Rank attended State Secondary Perhaps the Engineer chappie but who else?

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