Normandy Anniversary (Hols4Heroes)

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Montigny_La_Palisse, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. Ladies, Gentlemen and Austrian sex pests. Those of you with any kind of nous will know that this year will see the 65th anniversary of the Normandy landings, those who don't are advised to do a little research on this matter.

    We at Hols4Heroes would like to do something for the veterans to mark this occasion, and bearing in mind they have very little funding, we may be of significant help here.

    We want to get them there, for some this may be the last time they can make it over to see where their best friends fell before standing down for the last time themselves, we CANNOT allow them to be forgotten or go unnassisted here.

    The sacrifices these boys made must not be forgotten and we owe them a huge debt of gratitude for being able to live the way we do today. The least we can do is to help them pay their respects to their oppos for what may very well be one final time.

    There is a seperate account being set up for this, you can all surely spare a few quid, give a tiny bit for those that gave more than most of us ever will.


  2. Fellas, your apathy astounds me, at least bump this up to keep it on the front page even if you cannot afford to throw a quid in the direction of these original heroes.

  3. MLP

    Is this not overlapping with the thread on D-Day veterans in the current affairs forum ?
  4. No mention of Hols4Heroes on the other thread is there?
  5. MLP

    I've already been in touch with MDN on Arrse to offer a contact for coach travel to Normandy for the veterans.
  6. Nice
  7. Can't see a link specifically for the Normandy vets shippers
  8. Donated through paypal
  9. bump
  10. Thanks a lot everyone, in double quick time this one is


    However, the need for your help doesn't stop there, we have other cases running concurrently, give what you can, it could be you or your oppo one day.

    March begging bowl

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