(NORMAN)You could hear a pin drop

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by The-Oracle2, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. Since the failed Doctor has discovered the Armed Forces are over-burdened with Brigadiers upward et al together with there being no money to continue paying them --- or their associated expensive acolytes---, little has been heard on the subject from RR contributors.
    This will impact the navy principally, followed by the RAF then the Army.
  2. Re: You could hear a pin drop

    Norman, is that you?
  3. Re: You could hear a pin drop

  4. Re: You could hear a pin drop


    Stick to one user name and also by your principles, if you're going to churn this shit out forever at least be man enough to argue it out and stand by what you say. Rather than fire out these one shot statements, how about debating the points?

    You boring cunt.
  5. Re: You could hear a pin drop

    The silence remains deafening.
  6. Re: You could hear a pin drop

    That's because you're dull, and don't substantiate your posts.
  7. Re: You could hear a pin drop

    Yup Oracle, that's the only problem in Defence at the mo. Everything else is cushty. You are indeed a canny observer.
  8. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Re: You could hear a pin drop

    Maybe, and this is a wild one, no one cares on RR. See I know it was a crazy idea.

    But then I am one of those good for nothing Lt Cdr's that is a waste of space.
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Re: You could hear a pin drop

    Oh I wouldn't say you were good for nothing, Boss. You're good for something. No idea what, but I'm sure there's something... :oops: :twisted:
  10. Re: You could hear a pin drop

    he does have a point though to a degree, this forum is pretty much dead, have a look over on arrse someone has even started a senior service thread to talk about naval issues due to the lack of debate/participation on this forum, i only come on here to read the submariner forum and occasionally the current affairs but even i have to admit the lack of serving personell posting vs the "old and bold" ratio on here is pretty crap with most threads ending up in 'it a wasnt like that in my day' or 'would the last peron out turn out the lights' blah blah blah etc etc, yawn. see you on arrse for a bit of banter and a more interesting topics.
  11. Re: You could hear a pin drop

    Why don't you post more on subjects that interest you then? 8 posts hardly makes you the backbone of the CA threads does it?

    I am sure there are enough people on here who will contribute.
  12. Re: You could hear a pin drop

    I disagree, Ive found that most topics on here are discussed with exception of the blatant copy and paste posts from certain users.
    As for the lack of serving members, I have found that quite a few posters are serving members and have brought up many valid points to posts albeit with matlelot humour included.
  13. Re: You could hear a pin drop

    well i contribute on other forums and to be honest very very few of the topics posted by others motivate me enough to post, have a look at the the current affairs section on rumration and see when the last posts on topics were, most are weeks old, then have a look on the same section on arrse that forum is by far more active and threads far more diverse.
    im interested in having an active and interesting rumration as much as anyone but the forum generally speaks for itself through lack of activity.
  14. Re: You could hear a pin drop

    Well start a topic then you dripping girl. :roll:
  15. Re: You could hear a pin drop

    this is why i dont post on here in a nutshell:-

    posted by jim30 on arrse:-

    I think this forum would benefit from an RN and an RAF sub forum. I've stopped posting on Rum Ration as the forum has become overrun by a hard core of utter mongs who derail any vaguely interesting thread with tales of how the modern RN knows jack. Its depressing to see just how bad that site is now.

    As for the capability, don't under estimate how potent sea dart remains. Its a good missile and has been regularly updated over the years, so the RN has long had a decent AAW capability. However, Sea viper is a massive leap forward.

  16. Re: You could hear a pin drop

    'Bye then.
  17. Re: You could hear a pin drop


    I must say that I get to see pretty much all the traffic which goes through Rum Ration and I'm not recognising the description you have given of superannuated jacks muttering into their stout that it wasn't like that in their day.

    Nothing which appears in the broadsheets which is salient to discussion of the Royal Navy is ever left off Rum Ration; quite often, it is flagged up on here within minutes of it appearing on their websites. Certainly, nothing relating to the SDSR ever escapes us, but I have detected recently a certain ennui with regard to that subject, based largely on a belief that until solid decisions are announced, there is nothing to be gained from looking at press articles, as it is assumed that they are simply ill-informed conjecture.

    I'm concerned that you do not think that Rum Ration is capable of sustaining thorough and learned debate on matters relating to the Royal Navy, especially as you are clearly very intelligent and well-informed on these issues yourself.
  18. Re: You could hear a pin drop

    i agree arrse is larger and more active and there are good reasons for that but seriously, i urge you to read your own forum, people dont post on here because for the type of reply you have just posted.
  19. Re: You could hear a pin drop

    without a doubt soleil you are the best thing about rumration and one of the few reasons i visit this forum.

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