Norman has returned and it has all gone quiet!!

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by YouAreHavingALaugh, Aug 14, 2010.

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  1. For those who have been on RR for a while the name Norman was always linked to the posts about too many high ranking officers from Lt Cdr up in the Navy and how we could save money as they do not go to sea and it is the Royal NAVY.

    He was vilified and lenghs of some posts were substantial.

    However the sound of the silence from RR when the Goverment states exactly what Norman was posting is deafening

    Very Very interesting.

    I agreed and disagreed with some of Normans posts however where are those people now when the goverment are stating the exact things he was saying.

    We will wait and see!!!!!!!!
  2. I think we will find that Norman did it out of peevishness whereas the Government seem to be doing it out of ignorance.

    On another Thread, I posted the DES organisation chart .

    Count the number of broad pennants and Flags on there (and the junior service equivalents) and add the Capts and SO1/SO2 beneath them. Most of them are there for good reasons in support of modern day technically dependant fighting forces.
  3. To be honest, they are probably on a beach somewhere sipping cocktails .....

    The SoS has made his speech towards the end of the week and, not only that, a week in mid-August; the Rum Rationers who contribute to discussions on Defence Budgets etc tend to do so early on in the week, so aren't really picking up on this latest news; furthermore, those who work in Training Establishments are on summer leave; in fact, many contributors are probably on holiday at the moment, perhaps with their kids and not thinking about work very much at all.

    It is a little frustrating that the SoS made a speech of such import in mid-August really. I was expecting nothing, actually, until September; September would have been better, as August can be so quiet, media-wise.

    Hmm, there's a thought ......
  4. Many of Normans postings contained a lot more sense than many on RR gave him credit for (including myself). Unfortunately his vitriol was normally directed at the RN having too many two and a half's, many with no job to do. He did this far too often and sounded like a stuck record (sorry if any youngsters do not know what a record (vinyl) is) :p
  5. Perhaps Norman is a 'Two-and-Half' himself by now? 8O

  6. A pattern emerges:

    Step 1. Replace vast numbers of uniformed personnel performing non-frontline jobs with CS or civilian contractors to save money (lower pay, smaller or no Employer's Tax & NI contributions, smaller or no pension contributions, smaller or no accommodation costs, fewer days off, less need for training, sports facilities, food subsidies, etc) and release more service personnel for core tasks and operations.

    Step 2. Increase commitments for uniformed personnel and requirement for resources by engaging in two protracted conflicts on a peacetime budget with un-planned expenditure of stores, ammo, POL, etc and increased wear and tear on ships, aircraft, vehicles and other kit resulting in larger maintenance costs, faster consumption of spares and earlier need for replacements.

    Step 3. Start running out of money. Reduce numbers of platforms and systems ordered and delay procurement programmes thus increasing unit costs and pushing up overall prices.

    Step 4. Run out of money. Register shock and arouse public outrage at the numbers of senior officers in critical management positions and 'shiny-arsed' CS and civilian contractors compared to uniformed personnel, even though most of them are performing mundane jobs in vital support roles (security, training, logistics, aircraft & vehicle maitenance, transport, administration, catering, estate management, cleaning, painting, etc.).

    Step 5. Sack swathes of senior officers and CS and civilian contractors to balance the books.

    Step 6. Backfill gapped positions with uniformed personnel thus reducing numbers available for front line duties and increasing strain on the system.

    Step 7. See Step 1.
  7. I believe that Norman is an ex army Major. :oops:
  8. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Perhaps Norman's keeper has quietly upped the dose.
  9. A cunning old Fox this Liam of the Ministry of Defence.
    To kill the beast first remove it's head, or in this case it's high ranking officers and civil servants. The rest should come easy,I wounder has he got Norman on his staff. :wink:
  10. Nice Burke quote Seaweed the bottom line gives it a whole differant meaning. 8) 8O 8O
  11. As mentioned most of Norman's posts concerned the abundance of middle to Senior Officers in the RN, how much they cost and wether they were worth that cost.
    However rather than an alturistic motive to show rampant wastage and/or patronage of the undeserving he was driven by a personal grudge against the RN in that his son was Passed over for promotion to Lt Cdr for reasons unknown.
    I believe several serving members on here had to deal with his constant official requests for information.
    It's also believed that Norman served in the RN and that he was a Major in the Kings African Rifles or some such other Military Unit originating in the Dark Continent prior to the end of colonial rule.
    This probably explained his inability to comprehend the requirements of a modern Military.
    He was also a pedantic snob.
  13. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I just thought he was a broken, repeating old gramophone.
  14. I seem to recall his drawing attention to a Commodore at Faslane who had served 30 years in the navy with not one day at sea. A civilian could have done that job at half the cost. No pedantry there merely hard facts.
  15. I think that particular case may have justified a sex discrimination appeal if a rejection had been centred on lack of seatime. Naval Base Commanders have many unique military responsibilities and duties that would preclude any serious move to civilianise them.
  16. :wink:[/quote]

    I believe that Norma is an ex army Major. :oops:[/quote
    Norma Major doesn't she make John Majors Tea when hes not having Currie (Edwina)
  17. In your opinion ; clearly not the good Doctor's He is having difficulty recognizing the "many unique military responsibilities and duties" you appear to assume they have.
  18. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Here we go again,

  19. Yay!

    He's back!
  20. So, he wasn't all bad then.

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