Norman - cumgargling mongtard thread-split.


Art the Fart

I'm not sticking up for him. I'd like to see the Royal Aeronautical Society bin him for unethical behaviour and as a consequence, the Engineering Council deregister him. Only fcuk and Art knows why 'CEng' is presented the way it is.

Pusser is not picking up the tab for engineers' professional registration.

As for psc(j) it means he's completed ACSC.
Perhaps we should add a new post-nominal of CM(C) to his array of designatory letters obtained during his 27 year of expensive service.
During those 27 years he served for a little over 12 months afloat.
It was during this period of active service stress that his Teutonic charm got the better of him.


War Hero
Ratio of senior officers to mortals moans? Check.

Less sea time than a Kansas farmer moans? Check.

Trying to sound informed and in the loop? Check.

Just the lack of campaign medals moan for a Norm flush.

The knob.
It may be Norman but he does have the knack of "Hitting the Nail on the head":)
One years sea time for a Wafu, wonder who he upset:p


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It may be Norman but he does have the knack of "Hitting the Nail on the head":)
One years sea time for a Wafu, wonder who he upset:p
Look at most E branches, for Officers we can expect normally 2, exceptionally 3, posts afloat [or at squadrons] at best. Then its at the mercy of ships programmes to derive actual sea time. It's no secret, numbers of hulls, posts available, sea programme - all derive time away/afloat.

Of course for SR/JR its different and thats why the jobs/roles differ.


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Long, long ago I had a week in Haslar and there was an SD AE officer on the ward who hadn't been to sea for 23 years, and that included a world war.
"I'd rather be a hammer than a nail."
Simon & Garfunkel :p

Oh, he's gone.
This post is now rather redundant.
I knew I should have used the quote function :oops:
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Did you know a colleague of mine Ron Bowey?
He ended his days in Wokingham.
He was a character and a half.
One time RM PTI then Combat RM Cameraman in the Far East during WW2 and then a Chief in the RN.
I recall the many walks we made together from the Dockyard to Tamar for lunch.
He limped from a war-wound (eventually losing both legs) I thought it ironic a few months later, when I had been wounded in my leg and he came to see me up the Peak RN Hospital.
Do such characters exist today?
Wokingham is a big place and the answer is no.
However I am sure that we old farts do not have a monopoly on colourful characters, I bet there are just as many odd balls in todays RN (percentage wise) as ever:D

Art the Fart

My wife and I lived in Wokingham not long after Ron had shuffled off this mortal coil for a year or so.
I wish could agree with you.
But, sadly, I can't.
Wit came from poverty.
Without hardship intelligent wit is dead.
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