(NORMAN) Boringly turgid?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by The-Oracle2, Aug 22, 2010.

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    . Logging on to Rum Ration one's interest could be excited by calling up "The Gash Barge" Nothing much of interest appears to exist elsewhere Perhaps that's why Rum Ration is failing. Come on! Gird your loins
  2. Re: Boringly turgid?

    Why log on then?
  3. Re: Boringly turgid?

    If you could post pictures of your wife in a hospice, having the last remnant of her fetid breath seep out of her poisoned body, that would be lovely.
  4. Re: Boringly turgid?

    To keep its dying embers just glowing
  5. Re: Boringly turgid?

    Would you like a spoon or a fan of those embers.I will say you had a good number of hits before you were shit canned for the second time this month.We could run a sweep stake on how many hits you get on round three before the inevitable curtain comes down. :lol:
  6. Re: Boringly turgid?

    That's 72 and counting 8O
  7. Re: Boringly turgid?

    Fuck me, he reminds of a stoner the way he posts 8O

    If you think RR is so shit, why don't you start a decent thread, rather than posting this shoite. You dribbling fucktard!
  8. Re: Boringly turgid?

    Oh! dear it gets worse . Can we really cope alongside our Chinese and Indian opposite numbers?
  9. Re: Boringly turgid?

    To look at the Gash Barge and detect intelligent life--well the best of it,
  10. Re: Boringly turgid?

    Trigger you are going to make a very fine "Fucking OD one day"
    I will be very proud of you. :D :thumbup:

    Oracle what you lack in Gobshiteability, you compensate for with Verbal Diarrhoea.
    Why don't you shove your finger up a socket just to see if there is still electricity present. :sleepy2:
  11. Re: Boringly turgid?

    452 hits and not out today Oracle plus one shit canning.I bet your laughing your cock off you naughty windup merchant you.
    I'm quietly confident (as a betting man) 8O of a late run on the out side, that this thread won't be here by 0800 Monday morning. But you'll be back to haunt us won't you :wink:
  12. Re: Boringly turgid?

    Personally I don't give a monkeys snatch one way or the other, he's a cunt, I'm off to the USA in a few days time and he can suck my starboard knacker.
    And if I enjoy my short break there I will have a bigiyen. :D
  13. Re: Boringly turgid?

    Have you ever seen a monkys snatch if so do you have any photos :twisted: :oops:
  14. Re: Boringly turgid?

    No... send me a couple :wink:
  15. Re: Boringly turgid?

    :oops: Bon voyage mon ami Ive got two photos from HMS Triumph,s wordroom Singapore cock & arse party c1967 c/w stocking tops & wips,and a cast of many you won't get teats like that every day of the week, :wink: it's a one day only offer.
  16. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Re: Boringly turgid?

    Norman, how many threads do you need to burble the same thing? Hang on, don't answer that. Answer this;


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