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Norfolk Holidaymaker Drowns in the States


War Hero
The Americans are spouting total bollocks (as usual). I have been on the case all day and after much coffee, putting the images through a M.R.I. Scanner inn Derriford Hospital (owed us a favour) and enlarging a section, using a nifty bit of software that allows me to process images via the Hubble Telescope....this is what I have discovered. Firstly, the images in the newspaper have been "doctored" in order to give the story some shock value. I reversed their algorithm and returned the images to their original states. This is what I have found:-

(Image 1). A strange creature indeed, but please note the green discolouration on the left (arrowed).

(Image 2). Enlarging a small section over a period of hours, pixel by pixel and....well....whaddya know.

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