Noobs and the special sock

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by thingy, Sep 5, 2009.

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  1. I'm seriously concerned that Noobs today might think the very idea of having a special sock in antiegalitarian and un-PC. Are special socks morally wrong in promoting priviledge and hosery elitism or are today's noobs more mature than their predecessors?
  2. I am sorry to say that you are sadly out of date.
    Due to the antiegalitarian precepts that purveyed the Far East Fleet it was felt necessary by their Lordships at the Admiralty, that editions to hosiery should be permitted to other stations within the fleet area of operations.
    This was taken to also include the Isle of Wight.
    The practise then filtered through to Ganges and entered fully into the traditions on the Royal Navy when the establishment went from the Wooden Hulk to the Shore base.
    With the closure of Ganges, the practise moved to Raleigh where socks were issued not as a pair but in a pair of threes, or six. Hence the naval expression two six that barsteward.
    Stokers because of their sexual verocity were issued with a pussers large blue towel.
    I hope this answers your question :wink:

  3. Now we gonna have our first lovers tiff, as the expression 2...6 was always a prelude to heave, not an expression of black cat, which was always as I remember expressed as 15.......2 that you ......... :twisted: :twisted: :roll:

    Also I would take this opportunity to say what the fcuk's social equality got to do with socks? Lads your minds are drifting, get back in mid channel 8O :wink:
  4. As sophisticated gentlemen the Scab Lifters of the Senior Service make use of the MOD-issue rubber garments originally designed for the prevention of procreation and the spread of nasty little infections and kept in the custody of the said medical personnel. On the occasion of the exercise of "the solitary vice" the aforementioned latex garments prevent the extrusion of the (ahem! pardon me!) male fluid (known to uncouth matelots as "baby gravy") onto the sheets or sleeping bag of the medical person, and the garment and it's contents may subsequently be discreetly disposed of into an oppo's locker. :lol:
  5. Being a former stoker I would take advantage of the freebie toggys in the QM's desk and have a posh J.Arthur. :)
  6. Being a mercenary little scrote,when we were in NI I used to sell them to the guarda on the border posts, got £1.10/- a pack that was like 10 squid now. :roll: :D :wink:
  7. I do hope that you stuck a pin through them first. :D
  8. Monosocks in Ganges! o_O Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    Oh you mean the ships company negative baby sailors. (Sighs with relief). As for Raleigh in these female blessed, mixed training days, surely the special hosery is rendered obsolete? :)
  9. It gets even worse. In part three training the entire FAA trainees have to use the Air stations sole Windsock! (Defence cuts). Have you ever seen the queues at the end of the runway after lights out? :wink:
  10. But... but aren't windsocks open ended? o_O Then again, two wafoos can use the same windsock at the same time. It's called man love! ;)
  11. You are getting the general drift, but only happens on Air Stations :lol:
  12. Air stations, isn't that something to do with government defence cuts: Potemkin shore estabishments (and money) :roll:
  13. And talking of waffu's,
    Some raving feed of plonk Waffu 8O :wink: has opened a Hairdressing salon near my shack and called it "Air Station".
    I thought it was pretty cool 8) 8) :roll: :)
  14. Seems to me that you wouldn't recognise cool if were to hit you in the face with a soggy sock.
  15. But I'm sure YOUR a fcukin expert.

    What constituency were you elected to?, before you became minister for trends and fashion.
  16. Your mistake, I'm the minister for English grammar and I know that you meant YOU'RE.
  17. Now, now ladies! We don't want a casualty after handbags at dawn do we... or maybe we do? :roll:

    This is a SERIOUS topic. Had Ulyanov (Lenin) been around today he'd have been discussing the dialectical inequality of different species of hosery and demanding that: All power to the multisocks! He'd have regarded the very concept of a special monosock as individualistic and exploitative. In the Soviet Navy they would have shared the Mess Monosock: Comrade Monosoka* between them. Of course in the capitalist West we would call this gang rape, but that's another story.

    *feminine form
  18. Oh a superior being, pray tell us you supercilious fcuker how to attain such perfection.
    Or failing that stick your head up your arse and whistle Dixie.
    Its tw*ts like you driving everyone off this site with your caustic hit and run comments. I don't give a flying fcuk whether I'm cool or not, but don't need the resident experts comments.
    So rattle on cnut as of this post you'll be talking to yourself.
  19. Ah! at last, recogbition. My work is done.
  20. Good at grammar, shite at spelling. Stones and glass houses spring to mind :roll:

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