Hi, my husband is joining up, he is currently on his PRNC and will commence basic in January, I'm looking for a forum to chat to others in a similar situation, I have joined other sites and found people to be really nasty to me because hubby is new of the branch he will be joining . Are people on here normal chatty folk or will I be wasting my time because hubby's a noob? Excuse my bluntness but it's after the treatment I receive from other sites.
There are plenty of WAG groups on FB, although you are more than welcome on here and any questions etc you may have we maybe able to help. We may not be the type of site for "support" etc like the WAG groups on FB you may require. Please how stick around and use the site. Good luck to your other half joining. Which branch is he joining as?
Click on 'Families' at the top of page , our sister site Rear Party has many contributors in a similar situation to yours and judging by the posting on there it is well moderated.
Rear party has a few issues with Faceache , tread carefully as some Facebook stuff is open to all and does carry some risk. You will be welcomed @ Rear Party , join and put up your first post as you have here and take it from there.
Good luck, my wife tells me it was not easy being married to a Matelot especially a submariner, in our early years we lived in married quarters so that helped being surround by others in the same situation, do as Stirl suggested, this site will help as and when it can, most do not bite but some grumpy old gits on here.

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