Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Elswick, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. Re: Robert Consiglio

    I suggest you PM wet_blobby on here as he served with Bob in 40 Cdo R.M

    Hope this helps
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  2. Re: Robert Consiglio

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    XRD - Something you said (or the way you said it) seems to have caused our new Poster, Elswick, to 'Pass' on that one....

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  3. Hi
    Rob Consiglio was a very good childhood friend of mine. I didn't see too much of Rob after school because he had joined up. I remember his mother and sister, I lived in the next road to them. They moved to Bognor after we left school. I have always kept my eye out for any news of Rob from his family but this is the first time I've seen of any. It would be nice to say hello. All of Robs old mates are so proud of him and what he achieved. And we will never forget our old good friend.
    Steve Matthews
  4. Did you go to school in Emsworth Steve?
  5. I lived across the road from Rob and Lucinda, my mum and Janet were friends, its strange that I thought about him today of all days. Often think of him and of better times when we were kids.
  6. Heidi Gaffney

    Hi my brother was a good friend of Bob, from 40 Bob was his best man at his wedding, he spent time with our family in Dorset while on leave would love to be able to give my brother some photo's of him and my mum who was very found of the cheeky chappie, we remember Bob often have some very funny memories would be great to get in touch.
    Heidi Gaffney
  7. my husband kennedy gaffney served with bob in 40 Cdo he was kennedys best man at his previous marriage, he works abroad now and it would be a lovely gift for him upon his return
    kind regards loretta
  8. my husband Steve Maybanks, served with Bob in Marines, they served in NI, South Armagh Crossmaglen in 1988, Steve was his team leader in SF troop in support company 40 cdo. They spent 18 months together and he was a great friend to him with some real interesting times in South Armagh. Think they were together in zulu company 45 commando too operating out of Fort Whiterock in West Belfast in 1986 another interesting tour, Steve says.
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  9. Thinking of my old buddy Rob again. I don't think there is a day in my 49 years of this life when i don't think of Rob. Its a strange to for me having grown up with him to think of what my brave hard friend achieved. Growing up together he never showed anything of what he would become. At our school Broomfield on our council estate Leigh Park, Havant, Rob was never in fights. He was loved by everyone. He was the peace keeper. I never saw him start a fight, he was always there to stop or break up the scraps. Me and him walked to school together every day. We were only in a couple of classes together. He was in the brainy classes, you have to be a brainy barstard to make it into the sas. My fondest memories of Rob are picking up and throwing over garden hedges on the way to school. And then for him to return the deed. And then see him with the giggles which he suffered from, haha. All of his Leigh Park buddies are so proud of our brave Hero. I know you've gone on ahead Rob, Looking forward to good old knees when we join you buddy
    Steve Matthews
  10. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Havant Borough Council has received a planning application for a plaque to be added to the town war memorial bearing the names of those who have died on service since 1945. There are various problems with what is currently proposed and the project needs some more research effort.

    @steven matthews (or anyone else) do you know the address at which Tpr Consiglio lived in Havant? And the dates when he came to the town and when he left?
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