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None of that Sissy stuff.......


War Hero
Are you all tired of sissy Friendship poems that always sound good but never realy come close

Well here are a series of promises that speak of true friendship, theres nothing cute in here, just the stone cold truth of our friendship.

1 When you are sad..
I will help you get drunk and plot revenge on the bastard who made you sad....

2 When you are blue..
I will try to dislogde whatever is chocking you..

3 When you smile ..
I will know that you got laid..

4 When your scared..
I will rag on you every chance I get..

5 When your worried..
I will tell you horrible stories of how it can get worse..

6 When your confused..
I will use little words..

7 When your sick..
Stay the hell away from me I dont wont your germs...

8 When you fall..
I will piont and laugh at your clumsy ass...

9 When your drunk and being sick..
I will laugh and call you a lightwieght...

10 This is my oath...
I pledge it to the end ""why "" you may ask "" because you are my friend""

Friendship is like peeing in your pants , every one can see it but only you can feel its true warmth.............

Not by me but by A Nonemouse..........


War Hero
Stick with all that Josie and you'll make a lot of friends!! You have got friends haven't you??? I wonder........... :grin: :grin:
And also remember, a friend will bail you out of jail at 3am in the morning. A real friend will be sitting there next to you going "Fcuk what a night!".
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