Non-Tech branches to adopt the rate of WO2

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Squirrel, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. I'm only posting this on here because I've heard it from two unrelated sources, and being on an Army establishment at the mo, and thus out of the RN loop, wondered if anyone else had heard any rumours.

    Mate of mine has just come back from JSWOC (says it's excellent by the way) and tells me that it's being bandied around that the RN are looking at introducing the rate of WO2 across the spectrum. Strange thing is that I had already heard this from another oppo. (a CT with two oppos...I know, shocking ^_^; ). Both reckon it's to save the RN money as it will mean that loads of WO1 billets can then be de-enriched to WO2. Sounds like the sort of move the mob could make if you ask me.

    Now if anyone is reading this and thinking of kicking off the old Tiff/tech v B13 p1ssing contest, don't bother, that's not why I've posted it. I wanted to let people know what I've heard, and more importantly see whether anyone else has heard it. I personally think that this might just happen.
  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    So the Iranians were right about spying squirrels ..
  3. lol....and us british ones are indeed the most cunning!!!!!

  4. Just don't take your ipod.
  5. Lets hope so shipmate, us CPOCT's won't be capped at level 7 like we are at the moment!
  6. Cheers for that LTCOTB, for what it's worth, I agree with you, although it's not a decision that would affect me personally to a great extent. My personal opinion is that the B13 v tiffy divide is now becoming a thing of the past, what with promotion by selection for all.

    Regarding your point mate, if there is an element of money-saving involved, and I'll bet there fcuking is! Then my bet is that rather than remove the level 7 cap for CPOCTs, CPOWEAs etc, they'll just apply it to all the other branches. You know what they're like shippers!
  7. Meaning that non-tech CPO's on level 9 will take a pay drop - that will never happen!
  8. Just my opinion mate, but I would wager that those already on bands 8 and 9 would stay as they are, I know that you can't take a pay cut as such, but those on 7 or below would be capped there.

    I could see them pulling this sh1t mate.
  9. letthecatoutofthebag wrote: I was at a manpower brief recently and it is under discussion.

    Idle curiosity mate but when and who gave the brief (ie: someone from 2SL). I'm interested because if it came from one of the HQ bods then it is more likely they are seriously considering it.

  10. I hope it does happen, then all those WO1 Warfare rates that have not been to sea for 10/15 years, and a lot have not will not be able to tell us seagoers how the front line works.

    Any decent CPO Warfare could do there jobs a C-Wood, so make them WO2 and save money and also they can go to sea as the warfare co-ordinator.

    Makes sense to me.

    Keep the people making decisions current with sea life.

    We had a WO1 EWO who did not have 2 years seagoers, they were clueless about how a modern ship works.

    LOL LOL LOL get them to sea
  11. Well it certainly makes sense and will only be time before the Crabs make the change too.
  12. Never mind PM, how about letting us all know, or at least where on the intrantet to start looking!!
  13. I think the Crabs missed their chance when we did. At least their Chief Tech's go up to the F/Sgt Pension unlike Charge Chiefs who came down to a CPO's pension.
  14. Not much change then! :farao:
  15. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    This was being seriously considered by DNPS 2-3 years ago under the Branch Management banner. The problem was creating a fair way to implement it plus the iminent introduction of JPA meant they couldn't get approval to alter NMMIS hence had to pause.
  16. I can understand the old argument, Tiffs did not like being called "Not Real Chiefs" Now they are , i can understand the Charge Chief being made a WO2, It`s just a change of name, however putting all that aside, it would appear that if the B13 Chiefs are to be made into WO2`s, then it lowers the value of of the Chief.

    The RAF is no different the Chief Tech gets a Flight Sergeants Pension, the Tiff Chief gets a Chiefs pension, its the same thing, they do not get a higher pension because they are Technicians, for example, a Flight Sergeant Chef, and a Chief Cook get the same pension and the Tiffs and Techs get the same.
  17. But I`m told that there are no more Tiffs, so in the years that are to come the rate will die out, No?
  18. It wasn't just a change of name. It was a change in seniority from OR7 to OR8 and from Senior Rating to Warrant Rank to reflect levels of responsibility.

    The RAF Chief Technicians and Flight Sergeants are both OR7s, hence the same pension.
  19. As i understand it from Ninja S, the ET`s etc are just name changes from MEM`s and such as they used to be, and if indeed there are to be no more Tiffs, then this i feel is a retrograde step, and in years to come it will come back and bite them on the arse, are the RAF and ARMY getting rid of their equivalents? In all honesty, to me It`s just another nail in the coffin, but thats only my opinion. So the only Engineering Specialists will be Naval Officers with their Engineering Degrees?
  20. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    An extra rate or another hoop to jump through which significantly reduces the opportunity to get to WO1 ? Currently CPO non techs can progress all the way to level 9 pay without jumping through any more hoops, CPO tiff is stuck on level 7 until promoted despite, in the case of AET, having to successfully complete an Aircraft Charge Certificate. The result is a Non Technical CPO with less technical authority than a Chief Tiff earning the same as a WO2. This will happen for the first time this year (pay 2001) standby to see representations flying in! Not from me though, I've given up!!

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