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Help Please! I am a CC/UY with 8 years lower deck time Just qualified for promotion to LT two years after AIB. BR60A Ch2c states three years minimum seniority as Sub/Lt prior to promotion. Question do I get any seniority added as a Sub/Lt for my lower deck time? I have read section 0208 in the BR and seems to suggest I do, however words from above suggest otherwise.
AIUI, you are must have three years seniority for promotion from Subbie to Lt. One year of that must be as a substantive subbie ie post fleet board. The other two years can be built up in other ways:
Pre-FB time
Seniority based on the pass level at the board (up to 6 months for a 1st)
URNU/lower deck time - but only as a proportion of the actual time served (I can't recall the exact proportion as I don't have 60A to hand).

I may be wrong but a CTM came out, moving all such seniority to Lt; rather than S Lt. This ties us in to the RN.

At my unit, about 30% of Lt's seniority dates are believed to be wrong.

In accordance with this CTM, CMR's staff were to deal with this-they didn't. As a result, I've been disadvantaged in that I should have been in zone for the last Lt Cdr board, but wasn't. When CMR were advised, their response was "oh right"
That'll create a real cock up... should they lose seniority and pay based on early promotion then get it all back again.

Should they get seniority back-dated if it's been applied already... it could make your head hurt!! ^_^;
Ref the CTM all seniority is now awarded at Lt so you can only get promoted to Lt with three years seniority as a Sub/Lt (AIB date onwards) with a least one year post FB included.
Its a bummer but Im over it now.
The daft part being the Navy cannot now deploy me until I get promoted
BumGravy said:
The daft part being the Navy cannot now deploy me until I get promoted
Surely if you want to be deployed then they could give you Local Acting promotion for the period of the deployment or until you achieve the seniority required
They can pretty much do what they want to get you in theatre if you have the right skills but AIUI Local Acting is not one of the toys they are allowed to play with because it creates follow-through problems - plain, straightforward Acting is a different matter and has been used in Mobilising people on numerous occasions.

Don't ask me why.
As a follow up to my last, if you have a specific skill and can see how it could support your Mobilisation - send an e-mail to the relevant desk officer at CMR. If he doesn't know he can't do anything.
Bumgravy, You can be mobilised as a S/Lt if you have the skill sets they are after and also if you put yourself forward for mobilisation.

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