Non Graduate Pay for 22Yr Old

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sp086, Oct 25, 2008.

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  1. Hi
    Was wondering if anyone could tell me the pay for a non-graduate, enterning BRNC at the age of 22. Would it be more than say a non-grad at the age of 17?

    Many thanks

  2. you would be a Midshipman on just under £15000pa I think, rising to about £24000pa after BRNC. The RN website has the pay scales. Age has no factor.
  3. Thanks.
    When I first spoke to ACLO they suggested that the pay would be more because of my age - which is why I posted, the Navy rates of pay.pdf suggests that as you say, it's the same.

    Do you, or anyone else know how being a non-graduate affects pay in the first few years of a career as an Officer?

    Thank you
  4. It used to be more, however since the age discrimination laws came in it is now based on qualifications rather than age.

    So as you have no degree you will be going in as a Midshipman on between £14k-£15k, rising to around £24k on passing out of Dartmouth. Obviously because you started at a lower Rank and pay level, you will be behind your graduate oppos for several years in terms of pay. Unfortunately for you the system is set up for either guys coming pretty much straight out of school, or straight from university.
  5. Thats quite frustrating.
    I started a degree and decided to leave as the amount of time in lectures compared to the cost of the course was incomprehensible - not so much now as I see it would have paid off in the long run.

    Does anybody know of anywhere I can get some sort of guide as to what the pay over the years for a non-graduate compared to a graduate?

    At the time in my life where I am trying to make a the hard choice of where to go next.

    Thank you all
  6. Well, I terminated my application a week before i was due to go to Raleigh and decided to go to University and afterwards apply as an Officer. Ultimately it's your career so you have to do what you think will make you happiest.

    What branch are you/were you applying for?
  7. Warfare. I have passed the AIB and Naval recruiting say that my score should mean that I am offered a place at BRNC in April.
  8. Don't be too annoyed about it - you'll soon be earning more than most of your friends who did mickey mouse degrees, and possibly more than those who didn't!

    Also, by staying at Uni you would have forgone a further 2 years worth of salary (provided you worked after you quit Uni) which could be upwards of £50,000.

    Be happy you've been offered a place as an Officer, you'll soon be earning enough - certainly more than the majority of jobs that don't require degrees!
  9. Just remember when you are duty occifer that the reason the leading hand, petty officer and chief petty officer that you are in charge of are being paid more than you are. Also remember the reason for this is because they invariably know more than you and are more useful to the RN than you. :w00t:
  10. You can use any completed (and passed) years in university to give you that much seniority within the initial officer ranks. So for a BSc/BA etc you will get 3 years, for two years completed you will get 2 years, and if you passed your first year exams you can claim 1 year seniority. A masters degree is worth 3.5 years.

    After 2 years seniority is gained as a Midshipman you will be promoted to a Sub Lieutenant, and after 3 years as a SLt you will be promoted to a Lieutenant.
    This means if you have a Bachelors degree you are a SLt with 1 years seniority.
    If you start BRNC after you pass your first year uni exams you will be a Mid with 1 years seniority, and will be promoted to SLt 1 year after starting BRNC.

    The pay you receive is calculated on a pay band within each rank. This is detailed on the RN website.

    It really is that simple!
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Simpler still:


    Starting pay with a degree: £28,216
    Starting pay without a degree: £14,852
  12. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Dont despair, just think them ex graduates will be handing over most of their extra salaries in re payments for student loans, you on the other hand can p1ss your wages straight up the wardroom wall with a clear concience...... :dwarf:
  13. The pay for officers with a degree start 28k :thumright: is very good . Compared to teachers with a degree start 20K Do they still have Schoolies in the mob???
  14. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    No need anymore, the youngsters know everything already...........
  15. So for my Woodwork CSE (Grade 2) and O Level Art (Grade 1, Fingerpainting rocks!!) I'd end up paying Pusser!!
    Bollix to that I'm off to Sandhurst...well it was good enough for the Ginger Fatherless. (No names no pack drill.) :thumright:
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    They do indeed, but just to confuse everyone with the newly developed trademark of stunning brevity, they now call them Training Managment Officers.

    The title was doubtless invented by those that decided to call Chefs a Logistician Catering Services, (Preparation) to aid clarity, readily identified by a civilian wanting to join the service.

  17. E (TM)s and E (IS) also start at Lieutenant level, which I can't quite see the reasoning why. Anyone able to answer why they don't go in just like a normal Graduate Entrant?
  18. Is it possible to do an 'in-service' degree? And at what stage in your career is this possible?
  19. With regards to E (TM)s- they start at Lt level because there is/was a recruitment shortfall, and they needed some incentive.
    My personal opinion on the pay for grads and non-grads: it's a bit of a farce really. First of all, I was stung, as it was changed the intake before mine, so I went in thinking I would be on £17.5k, instead I went in on £14.5k. It means that you may have some 27 year old guy with 10 years experience managing a team in the city, but with no degree going in on £14k. On the flipside, there may be a snotty 21 year old grad with a 3rd from (insert sh1tty university here) in 'Leisure Centre Management' going in on £25k. It doesn't add up really does it?
  20. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Especially when you consider that Warfare, Royal Marines & Logistics Officer specialisations don't need a degree, but get paid £28K if they co-incidentally happen to have a 3rd in Media Studies or a similarly unrelated certificate of university attendance.

    It kind of begs the question why a Rating with a non-vocational degree doesn't get paid twice the non-grad ratings £13K starting pay too.

    [Direct Entry E(IS) & E(TM) have to have a first in a relevant vocational degree, incidentally]

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