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Dear all,

I realise this has been posted before, but I have rather a different angle. I am half way through a degree I have no intention of using during my time in the Navy, or even in the Civil Sector (being cooped up in laboratories really isn't my thing... a science degree seemed like the best option at the time) and am considering in all seriousness of leaving the course. I am set on Warfare Officer, and was wondering if anyone has any thoughts as to how this decision will affect my application process, and if there are any positive spins I can put on the situation in order to make the most of the two years I have spent at my further studies.

Thank you for your time!
To be honest, the length of the application process would mean that your start date would most likely be 2013, based on the new BRNC intake pattern of February, May, September and November. Looking at things in the round, you would be very unwise to jettison your chances of coming out of Uni with a degree; you never know what might happen in the next few years ... best laid plans and all that.

To be honest, being interviewed at the AIB and trying to explain that I had abandoned my degree because, ermm "I was going to join the Navy" isn't an experience I would relish.

You may find that once the application process begins and you get absorbed by that, that getting through your third and final year is more enjoyable than you thought it might be.

PS This is purely my opinion; wait and see what everyone else on Rum Ration has to say too.
I agree with Soleil,
You are two thirds of the way through your degree anyway. Next year won't be so bad as you'll be on the finishing straight. I don't think when you're in the middle of your second year exams you should make the decision. Wait until August at the earliest and then if you still really don't want to do it act then. I imagine you'll think differently then as it will only be 7 months or so of work and the degree will be in your back pocket incase the Navy doesn't work out.
Well OP I have a slightly different problem to you ....I've got a place at Uni starting in September but am currently half way through the process and am praying that I know one way or the other by then - though I have the horrible feeling that I won't - so the answers you get to your question may come in useful :)

One question I think you need to ask yourself is what is your plan b if the RN doesn't work out, especially if you have no intention of using your degree
Hmm yes, the thought of explaining my actions at AIB Interview certainly caused the majority of anxt...

So what if my degree come out with just a pass or a third? Are the Navy into looking at grades acheived?

I think my applicable intelligence (seemingly the new buzz phrase!) is better than academic... I just need to show them that.

Sorry Janus, didn't see your reply... Yes it's all a bit fustrating, as timings never work out quite right...

To be fair, I've been a cadet of some sort since I was 12 and 3/4 (minimum joining age... I was an eager cookie!) and if I don't get to the Navy (very sad times and something I dont want to think about) I would go for another branch of the services, possibly the RAF (please be gentle).

How was your Sift Interview by the way?
Well I passed so that was a major plus lol!

If there was one piece of advice I would pass on is learn all aspects of the RN very well !

The other thing to remember, and Soliel touched on it in his reply, is that entry is not going to happen immediately after passing the AIB....a mate of mine passed his back in October and he's still waiting for an entry date - I've joked with him that he'll be resitting his AIB at the same time as me - and with each passing day that looks highly likely ^~

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