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Discussion in 'History' started by longbar, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. Apart from shore establishments I think I'm right, in that Hermes was the one and only warship to be commanded by a non-executive officer.
    Hermes was being delivered to India to become INS Viraat in 1987 and I recall one of my daughters telling me that her current boyfriend's father was to command Hermes on her final RN voyage.
    He was an Engineer Captain.
    Know of any others?
  2. He may well have been in command while Hermes was being prepared for sale at Devonport, but my recollection is that the Indians took her over in the UK and she left in their hands.

    So yes, an Engineer in command, but with the ship alongside and not at sea, which is perhaps not that unusual.
  3. I would think you would need a 'Ticket' to command a seagoing vessel
  4. I've never seen an engineer in Command of anything - including themselves, don't even know why we let them in the wardroom :biggrin:
  5. I recollect the Indians taking her over in the Uk as penrecon. So maybe he was the senior RN officer on board.

    Knowing the way boilers behaved back then it made sense to have an engineering officer on board.

    Most of the ships I served on had boiler problems of one sort.
  6. They didn't initially . They were consigned to the Warrant Engineers Mess on major warships and had their bunk in the "Office" with food brought to them on minor vessels WW2 put an end to these class nonsenses when "modern technology" needed these Grammar School boys from Technical Colleges for ships to get under way.
    The windjammer Captains and Admirals could no longer look to their Maintopmen to Hoist Sail.

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