Noisy submerged diesel boats

I would have thought that if they were deemed to be 'noisy' then this would be offset against the MUCH poorer SONAR of the day. For example, the basic hull flow noise on one of them must have been horrendous when compared to a modern boats sleek 'teardrop' hull form. Then there is the much better propellor design, now propulsors etc.
I had a couple of "stretched" T boats. I was a sonar rating and don't recall noise being an issue. They did have an all steel casing and fin but if everything was properly secured there were no problems. I also recall they weren't that fast either dived or running on the surface.
Thanks Folks--- the reason I ask is that I have just been reading an old report that
the fastest USN GUPPY conversion , the GII was very noisy---- as old Ford T going down a country road as one anecdote put it . It was impossisble to use the the then lastest passive long range sonar ( in essence the German GHG ) at the higher speeds made available by the the conversions . Cheerio , Lofty
Was sonar that sophisticated back then to notice the noise differential?
The T conversions were fitted with the Sonar Type 187 from 1960 onwards which was the same fitment as the more modern Ps and Os. In it's day it was a very good set with a reasonable range in passive mode.
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