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Noel Gallagher

difting a bit i know,

but I would never kick robbie out of bed. Gallagher is just trying to drum up his rip off music and its working coz everyone one is discussing it on the radio giving him more publicity.

effing *anker
sgtpepperband said:
"The troops want to go, all they want to do is fight! They're soldiers. They're loving it, until they get shot - then they're claiming compensation. If you're bothered about getting shot - here's a thing - don't join the Army.

How about - The Gallaghers want to be famous, all they want to do is sing shit and get paid millions! They're "celebrities". They're loving it, until they get their photo taken in the street - then they're claiming invasion of privacy and kicking the shit out of the photographers. If you're bothered about getting photographed - here's a thing - don't become famous.

Needs to take his own advice I say. F***ing S*** for brains!!
sgtpepperband said:
Can I just add that the above quote was not mine, but merely Mr. Gallagher's comments which I used in my original post. Thank you!

Yup. That's why I left the quote marks in. Yours was a convenient post to pull the quote from. :wink:

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