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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by stirling2, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. From MSN news today

    Noel hits out at 'moaning' troops'
    Oasis star Noel Gallagher has told soldiers wounded in Iraq to stop moaning about it.

    In an interview in The Sun the singer said Prime Minister Tony Blair's decision to go to war was an "almighty cock-up".

    But he blasted troops who claim compensation for injuries suffered on the frontline.

    "You get a million people walking through Hyde Park - 'Don't send the troops and all that'," he said.

    "The troops want to go, all they want to do is fight! They're soldiers. They're loving it, until they get shot - then they're claiming compensation. If you're bothered about getting shot - here's a thing - don't join the Army.
  2. Could always take Noels approach to solving his lifes little mishaps, JUST GET F**KING SPACED OUT, what does he know, the total W***KER, RANT OVER. :)

    OASIS IS SHIT !!!!
  3. strange - I remember being told something very similar to this by my best friend's hubby - a squaddie - in about 1976 when I - in my pacifist phase - expressed regret at so many working class boys with few job prospects being driven to join up and risk their lives.

    I've never asked him in recent years if he still feels the same. He's a retired GSM now - hmm perhaps I should. He was about 18 and very wild then, terribly respectable now.

    p.s. I do quite like Oasis though - mind you they sound to me a lot like some of what I was listening to in 76!
  4. Sounds like he's describing himself...

    It's a shame, I like Oasis. Only found out this year - I had avoided listening to them on the premise that they were thugs. But alas that seems to be the norm in the music biz so started listening, and then liking. Doesn't change my opinion of the moron, or his brother.

    Compensation? Can someone elaborate for me? Does that actually happen? I can understand in some cases, but for the most part can't understand who they'd get compensation off...
  5. What the **** does that twat know about anything? before he was famous he worked on a building site making cups of tea.. The twat!! And dont get me started about his mono-browed ugly fuckwit brother the Cnut!!

    Rant over
  6. The ladies ain't one bit happy over on RP with his comments and rightly so!
  7. He should be given the ' WAX' treatment...
    Place his prick on a block of wood and strike with a mallet...the wax shoots out of his ears....a heavy steel mallet with the nylon heads is preferable as the extra weight when applied increases the velocity of the expelled wax thus allowing him to hear the garbage he is spouting and maybe he will shut the feck up.
  8. Just about the norm for all these 'celebrities' really. They don't think they are being appreciated enough by the adoring public, and decide to rant about this, that or the other - it's only self-publicity for a failing popstar.

    Is he the one who mouthed off and got two of his front teeth removed ? :lol:

    I shall have to scan arrse to see what they think of this pillock
  9. Err, umm; are you sure you actually passed through your pacifist phase?

    I do hope the Mancunian oxygen thief does a concert tour for the "troops". Perhaps they could quietly explain to him the flaws in his thinking. There again, it would be supporting the War; so that's him out of that one.
  10. The point that most people seem to have forgotton is that it's not down to the armed forces to decide when and if they go to war so perhaps someone could send Noel a copy of Clausewitz to ensure that his criticisms are directed appropriately.
  11. Why should we care about his opinion?, let's not waste time dignifying his comments by responding to them.
  12. I wonder if the first(if it exists) brain cell has woken up enough to get the second brain cell up and working so we will have a half decent quotation from the moron.
  13. Has anyone ever listened to the WAY they sing? They sound like they're sitting in a corner sulking after they've had a bollocking off their mum. Music's shite, the Gallaghers are nothing but drunken spaced out thugs and the people who buy their s*** are the ones who give them the money, the power and the medium to spout their filth.

    I suggest someone arrange a visit for these f***wits to Iraq, and arrange for the little s***bags to disappear. Job done.
  14. IMHO - Plain and simple - single bullet to the back of the neck.

    I hope some service oppo knuckles him, and his twat of a brother.
  15. They're Mancunians.

    Says it all, really.
  16. Amazed to see the recent ads on the Beeb, with the "One Chord Wonder" sharing the billing with Jimmy Page. You can't really argue with the album sales though, which puts Oasis above Pink Floyd's Dark Side in total sales - sacrilege!
  17. The Gallaghers? Pair of muppets with droning monotone singing voices with about as much talent as Girls Aloud. Another old hasbeen who needs to justify his existence to the modern world.

    Send him to Iraq for tour and see how long he lasts. I'll say it once again...MUPPET.
  18. comrades!

    bearing in mind, what he actually said was:

    1) People who join up should expect to do some fighting.

    2) I don't agree with the war in iraq.

    Both of those are okay points aren't they?

    People who join the military in Britain expect to do some fighting. Does the war in iraq /Afghanistan/ anywhere else mean that the British public should be out on the streets thanking the military for their good work? Of course not. Its in the job description.

    Also, lots of people don't agree with the war in the middle east and think what the British military are doing is making things worse here and there. Does this mean that because people don't agree with the actions of the military they have to keep quiet?

  19. You assume that he can read and inwardly digest such a book! :lol:
  20. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Your point is is valid, but I think people are upset more because of his criticism of servicemen who seek adequate compensation from the Government for injuries caused from this conflict which was started for questionable and erroneous reasons. Much like the previous thread about critics comments about Rememberance Day etc., recently, perhaps the Gallaghers could spend some time with injured personnel at Hedley Court or another Rehabilitation Centre closer to Supernova Heights... :lol:

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