Nobby's in the BNP... activists grooming middle class

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Always_a_Civvy, Dec 22, 2006.

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  1. The Guardian have just reported the results of an undercover investigation into the BNP which reveals some surprising people have naively endorsed the racist elements of their manifesto (though seem ignorant of their real intensions, behind that thin veneer of semi-respectability). It turns out that the BNP are deliberately seeking to groom the middle classes into joining them to give them that additional air of respectability - a worrying sign - as Hitler did with the industrialists and courted doctors and lawyers (eg. one of Germany's most prestigious legal thinkers was an early convert, and later "victim", of Naziism: Carl Schmitt).

    Watch out, watch out, the BNP are about... and they're after our hard won liberty, free speech and democracy!

    Times summary:,,174-2515711,00.html

    Guardian report:,,1976651,00.html
  2. Re: Nobby's in the BNP... activists grooming middle cla

    Couldn't agree more, these people prey on naivety under the banner of patriotism.

    Blimey, we agree!! :D :D
  3. Re: Nobby's in the BNP... activists grooming middle cla

    Have a look at the BNP's online store to get the real message from them. Pretty blatant really.
  4. Re: Nobby's in the BNP... activists grooming middle cla

    This particularly annoyed me... trying to exploit the sacrifices made by servicemen throughout Britain and the Commonwealth (they forget that, of course) for Britain's freedom, their members volunteered to help Bexley RBL then publicised it - a cheap and nasty political stunt!

    Do the Royal British Legion know they've been taken for a ride by these people? :x :x :x
  5. Re: Nobby's in the BNP... activists grooming middle cla

    Could be worse; the nazis managed to groom Edward VIII and entice him over to the dark-side. He dined with Hitler, visited concentration camps and thought the nazi regime to be top-hole and absolutely spiffing.

    The British managed to farm him off to the Bahamas as Governor where he stated publicly "It would be a tragic thing for the world if Hitler was overthrown".

    His Private Secretary Alan Lascelles seemed a good egg though, his private assessment of "Bertie" was "The best thing that could happen to him would be for him to break his neck".

  6. Re: Nobby's in the BNP... activists grooming middle cla

    There's a video on the internet available (I won't post a link because I don't want to give them publicity) by the BNP that is their 'tribute to Nelson'. Nelson had more right to speak for this country in one manky glass eye then these goons will ever have.

    The country has to be alert to the threat (if there is one). If people have genuine concerns about immigration etc they should address them through representation in the political mainstream rather than on the sinister fringes.

    Nick 'Wonky Eye' Griffin will never speak for me.
  7. Re: Nobby's in the BNP... activists grooming middle cla

    The problem that really needs addressing isn't this bunch of Right Wingers, its the social situation which has allowed them to garner support.

    When we live in a country where anyone can turn up, claim Asylum, and recieve benefits, healthcare and housing at a priority level above the indiginous population, thats why you have the middle classes, who have been subsequently sold out by labour and conservative parties, turning to radicalism.

    Even the much vaunted 'they only revcieve partial benefits' argument doesnt hold any water when you realise after three years they get a backdated Giro to cover the shortfall - usually 14k - given to them. There was a media hushed strike in a benefits office in Glasgow a while back because that was more than the staff there earned, and they were sick of it.

    Remember the Para that was assaulted in the Hospital ward by the Muslim chap a few months ago? That also fuelled the fires.

    Or the report the other night about the Millions the translation service is costing the taxpayer?

    Or the report about 4 months ago that highlited the fact that Illegal Immigration into this country is thought to be costing the taxpayer 3bn pounds per annum?

    Or our own homeless, many of whom are ex servicemen, being looked over in favour of calls to help these people

    Or maybe its guys like Dr. Syed Aziz Pasha, secretary general of the Union of Muslim Organisations in the UK and Ireland , saying there will be less 'unrest' if we adopt Sharia Law in Muslim areas thats causing people to get fearfull. Thats the sort of language Sinn Fein used when they were doing there little struggle.

    Or Colonel Gadaffi and his oft quoted soundbite 'In 40 years, Islam will have conquered the West, and we won't even have had to fire a shot to do it'

    Hows about the fact that the rise in HIV and TB in this country is due to immigration from Africa (admitted by John Reid when questioned)

    Or maybe the fact that Muslims get housing priority in a lot of areas, with houses specially designed for there tastes with specially facing bathrooms etc. All in areas of extremely poor housing stock for the white population - who are excluded from this little banyan obviously.

    You might even want to put 'Charlene Downes' into Google, and read about what happened to her. Another hushed up crime by the Police, for fear of what it would incite. To late though, it became dinner party chat for many. Dont read the story if your eating a post pub Donner Kebab though.

    Sort all that out, and then, just maybe, the hard working, overtaxed middle classes will stop looking for an answer where it doesn't belong.
  8. Re: Nobby's in the BNP... activists grooming middle cla

    I think the BNP is similar to the Scottish SNP they do say things that people want to hear because the Labour Party at the moment is interested in one thing --------------apart from the noses in the trough-------that is trying to please all the people all the time and making no one happy.

    At the moment the flavour of the month is Green

    I think our present politicians think we are!!
  9. Re: Nobby's in the BNP... activists grooming middle cla

    Or our own homeless, many of whom are ex servicemen, being looked over in favour of calls to help these people

    I read an article a while back that stated that a very large proportion of Britains homeless are indeed ex forces personnel. What does that tell you about how the government treat their war heroes?
    Personally i try to take a person at their merits rather than look at the colour of their skin. Furthermore, i wouldn't dream of joining the BNP but i have to admit that your right in so far as this situation has to be taken by the horns and dealt with.
  10. Re: Nobby's in the BNP... activists grooming middle cla

    Why is it that non of the political parties can see what the tax payer wants.
    The very person who keeps the UK running by paying taxes is at the bottom of the pile for everything.
    As a taxpayer I am sick and tired of benefits being paid to the lazy and the workshy. I do not want to support the illegal immigrants flooding into the country. However none of the main three parties seem to find these concerns relevant.
    We need a compete overhaul of both the benefit system and immigration policy.
    Let us return failed immigrants to country of origin, stop benefits to the idle and workshy.
    Perhaps then a fair benefit system may be introduced to take care of the genuine long term sick and housing released by returned assylum seekers used for single working taxpayers.
  11. Re: Nobby's in the BNP... activists grooming middle cla

    When you have this;jsessionid=ERO3KKMFRZWF1QFIQMGCFFOAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2006/12/23/ntax23.xml

    The story is:

    "Families are being squeezed by Gordon Brown's indirect taxes

    The income tax burden has soared to its highest level since records began two decades ago, dramatically eroding the amount of money left in people's pockets, figures released by the Office for National Statistics say.

    British households have experienced the biggest increase in taxes across the western world since Labour came to power, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has revealed."

    These kind of stories are appearing almost daily, across all spectrums of the press regardless of their Political allegiance. In short, those in this country who live honestly are being taxed and treated like dirt as per never before. People are sick of paying through the nose to fund headlines like 'Veil Teacher Recieves Compensation' and 'Somali Asylum Seeker Child Rapist Recieves £50k Compensation' etc, etc, etc, etc.

    Thats why people are getting radical. 5 years ago, if you called someone a Racist, they would recoil in horror. Now they just shrug, and say 'If thats what you think. Fine.' Its been such an abused term, its lost any impact.

    If mainstream Politico's can sort all this mess, they'll get a vote. If not, the BNP will continue to gather support, because like it or not, they are telling people who have had enough what they want to hear.
  12. Re: Nobby's in the BNP... activists grooming middle cla

    Let's pause a moment. If you vote for the BNP, you vote for:
    - withdrawal from the EU
    - withdrawal from NATO
    - withdrawal from Iraq
    - bringing back National Service
    - repealing the Race Relations Act
    - the abolition of all laws against racial discrimination

    Please please think about all coloured people you know either as friends or people you might meet in the street. Think about any people you know who happen to be Jewish. If you vote for the BNP its the same as standing before such people, looking them in the eye and saying - "you are not equal to me. I am superior to you and I do not value you as much as someone else like me - simply on account of your skin colour."

    Its not nice really is it? I repeat the point - if you've got concerns about the current levels of immigration (as have I) - don't even countenance voting for these goons or even giving them a remote sense of any kind of legitimacy - they're nutters - and they're not in the British tradition of fair play.

    Don't get me wrong - I'm not some kind of PC lefty - far from it - just be careful, that's all.
  13. Re: Nobby's in the BNP... activists grooming middle cla

    And its my view that the way the Armed forces are being cut, anything bigger, back comes national service.
  14. Re: Nobby's in the BNP... activists grooming middle cla

    Reminds me of our current political parties: just substitute the word 'coloured' with 'gay' and you have an accurate representation of the current and future law affecting gays vis-a-vis Christians. Mind you the BNP have made clear often enough that, like the Christian Institute, they don't distinguish between gays and paedos - so we'd all be hung from lamp posts anyway. :evil: IMHO fascists, religious fundis and commies are as bad as one another.
  15. Re: Nobby's in the BNP... activists grooming middle cla

    Wheel-spanner I`m with you what shall we call our party.

    Just think a £ of economic aid in the developing world goes a lot further than it does paying some landlord in the UK.

    To be honest I`m fecked off every other invasion that this country has face the indigenous population has put up a fight to keep the usurpers out, now we help them in.
    I don`t blame the economic migrants(for that is what they all are, an asylum seeker stops running when they are safe) for coming they are only trying to "better" themselves.

    I do not support the BNP but their support will only grow as people become dissatisfied with the immigration question. Do something now or it will be a whole lot worse later.
  16. Re: Nobby's in the BNP... activists grooming middle cla

    Remember these cases are few and highly unrepresentative. Most immigrants into this country are actually hard working and frankily put in a lot more effort than the natives: us Brits! The media are out to sell news, and marketing bad news sells more copy than marketing feel-good stories.

    I agree. The tendency to abuse these words has devalued them. The word 'evil' no longer has any impact on me, as I've got so used to it being used willy-nilly by the media, police, church, that it's power to shock has ceased. Now I think 'so what?'

    Of course the BNP would then promptly ban all negative news reporting!

    I suggested a while back that we set up our very own Matelots Party. How about reviving the idea and selling it to the wider public? We could call it the Renewal Party. :wink:

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