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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Pete_the_Knife, Dec 23, 2006.

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  1. The fog was thin enough to see across the parade ground at Raleigh for the parade yesterday, not that there were many divisions mustered to see, sign of the times I guess.

    Having not been near a military establishment since I left in '87 it was something of a step back in time for me and I must admit I felt fit to burst with pride when he marched out.

    One thing training has done for him is to give him a good upright bearing and no longer drag his knuckles on the ground in typical teenager slouch.

    Now I know that quite a few think the basic is a bit soft these days and in a few aspects I reckon it is, but they certainly do more on fitness than I ever did and the accomodation is absolutely dire compared to the huts we were in in the long covered way at the 'G' spot. Seems like a typical bit of late sixties/early seventies architecture, pile em high n pack 'em in tight. The messdeck layout was very cramped although their lockers were a healthy size almost double the size I expected. I could go on but its Crimbo soon and the bars open.

  2. Well done to your son ,

    like your signature by the way
    :D :lol:
  3. Congratulations mate, must've been a very proud day for you.
  4. happy day all round.......I know my parents could have towed them along with a piece of string after they'd seen me pass out.

    tell him well done and crack only gets better from there on in!
  5. Ever changing world, ever changing Navy. Good luck to the man :wink:
  6. Congratulations. I too like your signature! :lol: Are you going to post us some misty eyed piccies so we can see the transformation from ape to matelot?

    Accomodation WORSE than the G-Spot! :eek: Really? Bloody hell, it must be bad. :(

  7. [​IMG]


    Couple of photos for you as requested, hope they come out ok
  8. As the very proud mum I have to say it was a fantastic day and well worth the wait and the worry. He didn't find it easy - got back classed a week on kit and personal organisation (no great surprise to us!) but stuck with it and came out with a good report. Back to Raleigh after Christmas for professional training and hopefully onwards and upwards.
  9. Who tied that bow in his cap tally!? What a beauty, surprised he got away with it but tha's yer modern navy for 'ee! Well done to the lad (and to 'ee me hansome for producing someone to be proud of!

    Best of luck for the future!
  10. Apparently the Instructor tied all their cap tallies, I was stunned, and even worse he must have used blunt scissors the ends were badly frayed. Not what I would call a tidly bow at all.
  11. That's exactly what my Son Scott told me when he passed out several weeks ago.. Why....who knows. However, I bet you felt as proud as I did when your Son passed out. Best of luck to any young people with the balls to get off their bums and make a go of it. Well done to him! :wink:
  12. Yep certainly was proud of him he did look the business out there, and at the end of it all he did the training and got through it all far better than wasting two years at college and still not knowing what to do with themselves afterwards.
  13. Don't forget to remind him Raleigh is'nt everything, and it only get better when he gets out into the fleet. Noticed he had no branch badge on - which direction is he going in?
  14. He's back at Raleigh after Chrimbo leave to start his training to be a Jack Dusty
    His eyesight limited his choices unfortunately, no offence to Jack dusties here, he is quite pleased with it all so far and we just hope he will stick at it.
  15. Don't knock it Pete. Jack Dusty = Logistician which = a pretty good trade to learn, especially for that second career 22 years or so down the line.

    Congratulations to him. No doubt he is feeling good about himself at this time.

  16. Is the V sign for Victory or an 'up yours' to the Skipper? :wink:

    Did the class actually learn how to tie a tiddly (or any) bow, or is it like modern bow ties: hook on affairs?

    Edited by MOD due to triplicate posting!
  17. Steve do you House of Parliament guys always write in Triplicate?
  18. Had the privilege of watching Friday Divisions and passing out parade as a guest a few weeks ago. Was a member of the black gaiter brigade back in the sixties and this was my first return to Raleigh since 1971.
    I could have wasted my day nit picking, but looked at the positive side and found little has changed. A lot of nervous youngsters of both sexes putting in 110% in front of a large, adoring audience of relatives and friends - just as it was in my day - and just as it should be.
    Congratulations and a Happy New Year to all of our young people who have had the initiative to volunteer for what is still probably the best and most educative career available to them.

  19. Yes


  20. You do get taught how to tie them usually.
    well when i was there they gave you the cap and tally and said "there you go, theres some instructions tie it ill be back in 30 mins"

    so we all tried and most of us failed tying it, at which point the instructors cam back and showed us where we went wrong and helped us fix them!

    Suppose it all depends which doivision your in mind you!

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