Lantern Swinger
Strange, I see a picture of a lovely fluffy bunny with a pancake on its head, yet Wightsparker, Taffs and Dapper see food.
Ooh how odd the male mind does work. :confused::p:D


Lantern Swinger
With respect, not until you get in a round of Moose's Milk.
Woohoo, could go for a round of Moose Milk right now...

I realize this is off topic but I remembered an incident that brought a smile to my weary face. About six months after joining the RCN from RN we were on a port visit to St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, a rather exotic place with loads of fanny running around from the various cruise ships in port. Anyway, o/c of the pipe "Fall out of Harbour Stations below...etc' it was customary to open the bar in the After Ends. So there we are, having a few cold beers when one of the stokers thought it would be a good idea to get a fanny of Moose Milk on the go. Just before we sailed from Halifax, a brand new baby stoker, right out of the box, was pier head jumped to the boat. Said individual had never sampled the nectar named Moose Milk. "Ostie d'crisse de tabarnak" said baby stoker (he was French Canadian) "this is what you crave"? "It is shite...tastes just like milkshake from MacDonalds" says he as he started knocking them back. After repeated warning to 'take it easy' from senior stokers and greenies he replied something like "don't tell me how to drink, esti tabernak, I'll show you how we drink in Quebec." Within an hour, poor baby stokes is passed out, dead to the world. The rest of us clean up the mess and head ashore for the hotels and fun. A great four day port visit was had by all...except the baby stoker. Turns out he had such a hangover that he didn't make it ashore until late in the second day and he was duty on the third (day before sailing). I never saw him drink Moose Milk again...or MacDonalds milkshake either.

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