Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Shakey, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. Apparently I am though, and I agree with you....
  2. So wrong , the flag of islam will one day fly over Downing Street , :twisted:
  3. I'm with you on this Lingyai.
    I really would like to know whos damn Country is this.
  4. Let's go to Pakistan and declare an area of their capital city to be a "Christian area" and berate their government officials for daring to set foot in it.
  5. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    If people are only just realising that it is one of the most fundamental (small f) principles of Islam that it is their mission to convert the whole world (preferrably by peaceful means) then hello... where have we all been....
  6. +1 with Silverfox.

    I am sick to the back teeth of all this and really cannot believe our Government is going to let them actually construct this building.

    Coupled with what else is going on in ENGLAND, I wonder how much longer it is going to be before our churches are told they must not hold prayers, midnight mass, christenings etc in case they upset the Islamic faith nearby.

    It is wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong.

    I have no doubt that someone on here will label us bigots and racists though.
  7. Civil war...coming to a town near you.
  8. It's also one of the fundamental principals of post-Pauline Christianity!
  9. Sorry guys, but in much of Europe the Christian Church vigourously lobbies to have the freedoms of others curtailed in order to protect the delicate sensibilities of their own. Think of anti-Blasphemy laws for example. Or campaigns to prohibit certain minority groups from peaceful marches. Anti-abortion campaigns to deny others choices. Our marriage laws. The law on illegitimacy. Personal autonomy when it comes to seeking to have one's life terminated, etc.

    That is also wrong. Do unto others as you would have done unto yourselves.

    Ermmm! :twisted:
  10. Our local council got pulled up after an standards/audit whatever review, because our fire brigade does not employ anyone from an ethnic minority. Problem is in our little corner of England we have no ethnic minorities to employ. They still lost points for it tho :roll:

    As you say - England has gone mad.
  11. Im not interested in the history of the christian church the muslim faith and balancing their wrongs and rights whether it be, the methodists, the anglicans, the catholics, the buddhists, the divine mooneys against each other....Im not a religious person...and dont care for religion of any ilk...the fact of the matter is that the muslim community in many shapes and forms have shown over recent times quite publically that eroding the bed rock of common decency, base freedoms and sensible behaviour in this country piece by piece on the grounds of religion is an acceptable path to take and nothing more than the result of a healthy multicultural society that we as the remaining majority should consider as acceptable and roll over and accept......!!


    The fact of the matter is that an increasing number of religious fanatics will be drawn to places like this, and we currently seem to be completely ineffective in dealing with them..!!

    I would go further to say that any community where fundamentalism and radical behaviour is flaunted so publically and vocally and yes this applies to christians and muslims represents a clear, present and future danger to the security and democratic way of life in the United Kingdom and as such should be stopped using WHATEVER means available to us.!!
  12. Incandescent secularists rising up and igniting all about them? Erm. Sounds like secular fundamentalism to me. :twisted: I still think it will correct itself when other minorities demonized and dehumanised by the theists learn the lessons the government keep relaying, however unintentionally, and seek equal rights through terror. If you are treated as less than human and your life is hardly valued, what disincentive is there towards taking extreme measures. If your life doesn't matter, what is to deter you from engaging in suicide bombings? That is the REAL danger!After all the lessons are that the government have consistently appeased the religious fundimentalists who take direct action, threaten or embrace violent action and given in partly or fully to their demands. The long-term consequences of this one-sided appeasement and the fostering of seperate religious schools will be, I predict, a Northern Ireland situation in mainland Britain within a generation or two. I expect to have emigrated to the Faeroes by then.

  13. And I wonder just who that will be? Stand by ladies and gents for some good old Anglo Saxon rants from our resident firebrand.
  14. Come the revolution , come the revolution , the time will come , :twisted: :twisted:
  15. NO!This has to be stopped!There are already 2 Mosques in Peterborough,the minarets clutter up the skyline!If we can build a Cathederal in Mecca's main square then we can let them have this one!
  16. The next thing will be them campaigning for the right to moan from their minarets at stupid o'clock in the morning to call the faithful to prayer. I can hear it now "It's our human right to call our people to prayer". I can see the city boys liking that. But don't use your carhorn after 11 or before dawn - that's a noise nuisance.

    I really do believe that we are sadly heading for major civil unrest in this country, followed eventually in a couple hundred years or so, by a muslim state. For those who poo-poo that think on this......What did the native Americans think when the pilgrims arrived? Or the aboriginies when the brits arrived? It's only a few, they won't change our life. Hmmm. Now the native americans are stuck on reservations, treated as pariahs, and the aboriginies are all but gone. And the romans - they thought they could supress the christians. Look at them now. The centre of the catholic faith!!

    Don't worry everyone. It's only a few muslims. What hope have they got of taking over our country and culture. Never say never.
  17. And it will dondo. You can fool some of the people off some of the time, but not all of the people all the time. (Bob Marley Feb 6th 1945-May 11th 1981) Can't the Government see that the muslim community is taking the P*ss,i was in southall recently and you wouldn't believe the size of the cue outside the job centre on giro day! Piss taking F*ckers.
  18. ummm hello a long time ago but crusades anyone, was it not the Christians mission to convert as many as possable by slightly less than peaceful means, hell us English even created concentration camps so why are we getting all up tight when others follow our lead?!

    Anyhow, what a wonderful thought a society that doesn't over sexualise young girls to the point of 4 year olds ( and I should know I buy clothes for one) have the chose of a mini skirt and crop top in their wardrobe, sex and violence aren't the norm they are fr owed upon and punished

    I'm not saying we should all become Muslim, but take time out from the sensational headlines and read between the suicide bombings and complete covering of women and you'll find alot of good old fashioned ' victorian' values.

    Maybe we are just jealous that they feel the freedom not to conform to the so called American dream of freedom, gun toting declaring war on, drug riddled society and have decided on a religious upbringing we abandoned the mintues our men went off to war.
    just a thought

  19. Womps the old religions were more Catholic than the 'christianity' that we know today.

    The days of the Inquisitions etc have all been lost in History . The Crusades were to establish a Christian right to worship at the birthplace of Christ -Jerusalem. At the present time just about every christian based church has a place of worship there.

    At least we have moved forward

    The followers of Islam are still living in the 12th century ------- their laws are still the same and they still preach the dislike of non believers.

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