No Winter Fuel Payment for this 94year old Ex Serviceman

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. A truly stupid decision no doubt made by some minor paper shuffler, hopefully common sense and humanity will prevail and he will get his £300.
  2. I share your wishes but have my doubts - as the old adage goes, "no-one ever got sacked for saying NO!"
  3. It is the same situation who attains their sixtieth birthday a day after the cut off date.They have to wait until they are nearly 61 before they qualify for payment.I feel sorry for the old warrior but there has to be a cut off point or the system would be stalled for everyone else.If he is treated as a special case what then for everyone else who fail by a day or two to qualify.
  4. Maybe they can all be regarded as deserving, human cases, as opposed to the usurious bankers who have been bailed out ad infinitum and still grant one another better terms than last weekend's 90m winners!
  5. The Pompey News ran this story, I am sure if anyone feels they would like to help this old soldier a donation could be passed on via the News.

    Contact details for the Portsmouth News:

    Mark Waldron
    Telephone : 023 9262 2103

    Email: [email protected]
  6. They say that external factors are to blame - what are those external factors, Gordon Brown?

    He has bankrupted this country and is now looking to save every penny he can so I would say they are under orders not to bow down to anyone. I notice on todays news, they are stopping the tax relief on childcare vouchers which will only bring a couple of thousand.

    I would rather kiss Hitlers arse than shake hands with this one eyed bastard.
  7. A charitable donation would help this individual but the core problem is that we have become (or perhaps we have always been) a nation long on rules and regulations and short on compassion and common sense.

    The nation (via the Government) has an obligation to help those who need (and in this gentleman's case has earned) that help.

    Bugger the rules that kick someone out of the system because of a matter of a few days or even weeks or months. In the old days the adminstrative headache in trying to quantify pro-rata entitlement would have been a lengthy chore. Now a computer could work it out in an eye blink. The excuses have gone - pay the man!
  8. We've always had an element of the bureaucracy that find following the rules more important than the spirit of the rules. I can remember That's Life used to have a 'Jobsworth of the Week' and that was in the eighties.

    I suspect these days it's more the hassle factor for the pen-pusher having to manually input data or overide an automated process, rather than narrow-minded pettiness, though I'm sure that still exists as well.
  9. This is interesting! This 94 year old is actually my grandad! Safeguard!!!! Im not going to pass a comment, becuase i would be bias! However i would like to say, he doesnt want money, it is the principles! He was shipped out of an old nursing home, byt the council and into another sheltered accom, he missed the deadline because of this! He did not want to move and due to stress that cuased it slipped his mind! Thanks for all the support i will pass on the comments
  10. Poor soul another one living in a land fit for heroes to live in I think not. If he popped down to the house of plenty I am sure some scrounging low life scumbag would show him how to claim.
  11. Not so much a rule more a deadline.A bit like catching the bus.If it departs at 0820 hrs and you turn up at 0821hrs you've missed it whether you overslept or were delayed by the Postman.The bus driver does not hang around to see if anyone is going to be late as the rest of the passengers want to get to work on time.

    PS I am pleased to read the old chap was not worried about the money only the principle.Just as well really.
  12. Portsmouth council have said that they will give him £300. However the gentleman concerned said that he is going to donate it to "Help for Heroes". He stated that he wanted an apology from those who caused the problem.
  13. Pompey News link here.

    While he has my sympathy, seeing that he didn't legally qualify for the winter fuel allowance but the authorities have bent the rules to provide him with £300 of Portsmouth council taxpayers' money (which he is now giving away, albeit to a good cause), I think he should cut his losses and be grateful for small mercies before he opens himself up to accusations of gaining the allowance under false pretences. I thought he desperately needed it to pay his fuel bills or am I missing something here?
  14. I think it has been said that he was fighting on a point of principle, which is perfectly reasonable IMHO. This chap has been royally screwed by the system, being moved from one place to another at the whim of others and losing out on an entitlement that the hordes of unemployable would get without any fuss at all.
  15. I can assure you it is the princple only. He was a day late moving because of the council, and yes the bus may depart on time (which would make a change), but this is the government lack of support for a veteran, you would opf thought an ounch of discretion could be used, as it was them who moved him in the first place.
  16. Thanks Nutters. I take your valid point about the involvement of principle but it does leave me in a quandary. No reflection on the old boy but, on a 'point of principle', my son didn't claim Job Seekers' Allowance on the single occasion he was out of work some years ago because he didn't want to feel that he was a 'scrounging burden' on the public purse (i.e. money we've all paid in taxes). I disagreed with him because he'd paid his NI contributions like everyone else but he insisted on living off his savings for a couple of months and I ended up even more proud of him.

    Two different approaches but it's all swings and roundabouts, I suppose. Had my son applied for Jobseekers' and been turned down owing to an unfair technicality, I would have backed him to the hilt in any battle he had to fight.

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