No Win No Fee Lawyers hit a new Low

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Sep 2, 2012.

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  1. I have decided to inhale deeply and control my pulse before penning a response to this.
  2. Sue the lawyers for malicious prosecution and costs, money grabbing bastards.
  3. You have to ask why many lawyers turn politicians!

    Same mould - lying cheating hypocritical two face *******!
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  4. "One, the al-Sweady Inquiry into the so-called Battle of Danny Boy in 2004,
    has already identified more than 500 troops who will have to give evidence and
    who will also be interviewed by IHAT.

    Members of the SAS, the SBS, interrogators from a unit called the Joint
    Support Group, medics, senior officers and hundreds of soldiers are expected to
    be questioned.

    British lawyers acting for the Iraqis claim the abuse took place between 2003
    and 2008, when many civilians were detained on suspicion of being in Shia
    militia groups"

    How the hell do they expect our lads to remember what happened in action almost 10 years ago, the Iraqis could say anything which would be virtually impossible to disprove?
    The issue is the enemy never wore any recognisable uniform, so the occasional civilian may have been asked to help with enquiries.
    All lawyers helping the accusers should have their names taken, to ensure they are never allowed to work on British funded legal aid cases again, hit them in their pockets an see if they still see this as a new gravy train.
    Everyone is entitled to a defence, so use one from Iraq
  5. Better still let them sue the man who sent the troops there. I'm certain that Mr Bliar could represent himself, keep the costs down.
  6. I am sure his misses will defend him for a reasonable fee; she is a barrister I believe?
  7. Alledgedly! Although Wide Mouth Frog seems to fit better!

  8. Yes but she, the wide mouth frog, works for the under dog against the establishment. So would she be trying to prosecute her old man?
  9. I that case hope she wins, but in Iraq nation vs T B who is the under dog?

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