No thank you officer,I do not wish to sit in your car.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by jesse, Sep 28, 2016.

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  1. Watching "Interceptors , Road wars etc.I wonder is it lawful for the officer to order the motorist to "Sit in the back of my car" The motorest's have not been arrested or cautioned. If the rear door,s a re locked, then is this unlawful imprisonment? What happens if the motorist refuses? Any serving officers care to comment. My gut feeling is that I would not comply unless arrested and cautioned.
  2. Might be iffy on a motorway, particularly with doors locked, but I think it might come under "Making a lawful request" and if you don't do it then you could be arrested and bunged in the back of the car. :cool:
  3. Whatever the Plod requested I would be minded to comply as from what I've seen on Police documentaries non-compliance doesn't improve the eventual outcome. If there was anything unlawful I would leave it to my brief to argue on my behalf.
  4. If you seriously think you might be being stitched up, it might be an idea to switch on the voice recorder of your mobile phone as soon as your vehicle is pulled over. I don't think Mr Plod would be too happy if he saw he was being recorded, though.......
  5. Tell Him/Her You are recording the conversation. I might make them (And You) a bit more circumspect about whats said. ;)
  6. (granny)

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    Impartial ? LOL.

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