No stoning, Canada migrants told

Ah, but of course in the UK some theists are campaigning to be allowed to do exactly that - that the demands of their conscience should override the law of the land, so really British Muslims would be fully entitled to assume that they were entitled to stone women to death, burn them or circumcise them. :evil:


as usual it is the non elected PC brigade that tell us how we can and can't live in our own country, 1984 had a point with big brother.
I think the best thing to do is push that it is not PC to be PC


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So an edict saying don't break the law[/], big deal.

The last time I looked stoning people to death, whilst not being explicitly banned, was illegal anyway.

Similarly female circumcision is banned, but I think that's under European legislation.

I think burning people with acid is illegal as well.


What's more of an issue is that someone came up with a statement of the bleeding obvious and spent money on doing it.
I totally agree with the statement they made about the way of life they abandoned when they left the desert, it is true, you must integrate into a country and not expect to arrive and write your own rule book.
I can't believe that gym put in frosted windows, what a load of shit, if people don't like what is going on then keep your beak out of the window, it's not rocket science.
Borat for president !