No RN ship in at the London Boat Show this year

For the first time in a while, there will be no RN ship coming in to the London Boat Show.

HMS Westminster came in last year, HMS Exeter the year before, but, this year, there is nothing available.

There should be a RN presence in the display hall, though.


Lantern Swinger
There was scheduled to be a destroyer in this year, but due to operational requirements..(Another 7 month deployment, hence needing about 8 months to fix her after the last one)..she had to be pulled!

Shame really!


Lantern Swinger
tickets for troops were doing a pair of tickets for a pound a while back. Great site with ballots for premiership football matches and concert tickets too (NOT SPAM DONT KILL ME PLEASE)
Alternatively if you go down to the exhibitor's entrance on the jetty and flash your RN ID card / MOD 90 etc. kick up a little stink and say you are with the RN display, the poorly paid Eastern European security guard will let you in for free as well.
Passed-over_Loggie said:
This is interesting. The Navy is, publicly, too hard up to send a ship to the Boat Show and the main point of interest is how to get gash tickets.

Funny old world.
We've all known the Navy is hard up for ages, it's fairly predictable that they would have to make cuts like this eventually.

Saving 15 odd quid to go and look at shiny yachts though, now that catches my interest! :D

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