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Okay, so at your ripe old age you've reached this conclusion? Try to support not to damn these kids, you may be surprised at what you get back.


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Tiddy don't get me wrong I have known some kids to turn lives around and make something of their lives. Yet to some they feel that gangs and life of crimes are better than working hard something

I am sorry for open up the can of worms.


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They should bring back

If someone said to me at 17 i had to do national service i would have signed right up there any then as i would have been stable

Trust me about 90% of the youth don't have the respect

Can you tell me where you got this statistic from?
You can't tar everyone with the same brush.



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So true how ironic that some of the youth deface places like this yet others are will to lay their lives down for the idiots

I doubt if anyone, ever, has joined up because they were willing to lay down their life for an idiot.

Anyway, thank you Sarah, for caring more than the rest of us. Can I just say that most of what you've posted on this thread, is utter shite.