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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Sarah83, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. Welcome to the UK in 2012.
  2. i know the youth of today have no respect for any thing or anyone

  3. A good number of them need a damn good thrashing.
  4. A bit of a generalization Sarah, there is good out there and I don't just mean Amy McDonald.
  5. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Oddly enough, i've just watched some episodes of Bad Lads Army on youtube. Basically, 30 odd scrotes go through 1950's national service training for 4 weeks to sort them out. It's quite interesting as it goes. Bringing back national service is always an interesting topic of conversation. If you want to have a shufti, here's the best one out of all the series;

  6. The good youth get overlooked but are there.
    Its like most things, the minority make the most noise.
    Bit like RR eh?
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  7. They should bring back

    If someone said to me at 17 i had to do national service i would have signed right up there any then as i would have been stable

    Trust me about 90% of the youth don't have the respect
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  8. Are you and **** in this?
  9. For every young 'un who is a complete and utter twat, there's 5-10 who are good people. Not all of the 'yoof' are granny-mugging scrotes who go and vandalise memorials and stab kids from the other side of town at weekends. As per usual, it's the minority. Nobody sees us young people who can and do act like civilised members of society, because that doesn't make headlines.

    I cannot understand why somebody would do that, and I don't think many of my peers could either. Maybe it's the circles I move in, but most, if not all, young people I know would be appalled at someone who did that.

    End rant. And breathe.
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  10. I was respect those who who respect me and i would respect thoses who gave their lives for our freedom
  11. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of this act I would rather funnel thoughts into the ethos of the occasion and respect the servicemen and women who have made this country worth living in. Not ponder on the mindless idiots who really are not worth contempt.
  12. God bless all service perosnnel who gave thier lives for our great country
  13. Why point the finger at youths if the perpetrators are unknown? A generalisation too far.
  14. I'm one of the staff. My job is to skiff their glasses and fúck their skanky girlfriends whilst they get shouted at.
  15. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You beat me to it.
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  16. Bless you Sarah at last some fecker on here who's spelling is worse than mine.
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  17. Long time no see Sarah, where you 'bin hiding ( that was Osama's pseudonym BTW.)
  18. i am okay i have been hiding in my flat sorry i aint been around
  19. For a minute there I thought you said Fiat, you would have had Rummers doing backflips with his zimmer frame if that had been the case.
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