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No remorse, No regret

Sky News TodayAl Qaeda plotter Zacarias Moussaoui has said it made his day to hear accounts of suffering from the 9/11 attacks.

He told a jury he would like to see similar attacks "every day".

Moussaoui admits being involved in the 9/11 conspiracy, claiming he had been asked to fly a plane into the White House.

During his second stint in the witness box, he mocked a Navy sailor who had wept as she described the death of two of her subordinates.

"I think it was disgusting for a military person" to cry, he said of the testimony of Navy Lieutenant Nancy McKeown.

"She is military, she should expect people at war with her to want to kill her," he said.

Asked if he was happy to hear her sobbing, he said, "Make my day."

Moussaoui, a French citizen, said he had "no regret, no remorse" about the 9/11 attacks.

Asked if he would like to see it happen again, he responded: "Every day until we get you."

Moussaoui also said he is convinced President Bush will free him before the end of his term and that he will return to London.

So what is the general view on this fanatical animal and his ilk?
Can we really fight on equal terms with him? Are we encountering the same problem as the Ruskies in Afghanistan where you are fighting a foe who wants to die, how do you win? And as with this one, should he be executed and given his wish of being a martyr, or should some other fitting punishment be handed out? I feel they are bringing this war well and trult to our front doors. It bothers me. What about you?
It bothers me as well. How do you fight an enemy you're incapable of understanding? Our Heavy-handed tactics (especially by my own government) only ensure we'll continue to have more to fight for years to come. A few years ago, I read a US Marines narrative of his experience in Vietnam. A Vietnamese officer told him: "Wherever Americans go, the Viet-Cong grow like rice." It would seem we're facing a similar situation today. If we execute this nutball, we're giving them the ultimate recruting poster-boy.
This man wants to be executed, so that he will become a martyr to his cause. The Americans therefore should not execute him, rather keep him in prison for life so that he can spend the rest of his days knowing he was a failure, thut will be a just punishment.



Book Reviewer
I doubt very much that he would do much prison time, more likely that he will top himself and much publicity will be gained for the cause with allegations that he was murdered or driven to it by inhumane treatment.
Maybe life in prison working on a pig farm would be a fitting punishment, messing with their beliefs seems to be the only thing that hurts them.
janner said:
I doubt very much that he would do much prison time, more likely that he will top himself and much publicity will be gained for the cause with allegations that he was murdered or driven to it by inhumane treatment.

I am not sure if topping yourself in prison counts for martyrdom, and access to the promised virgins. Although these guys view of Islam is perhaps perverted enough to make him think it counts.



Book Reviewer
Maxi_77 said:
janner said:
I doubt very much that he would do much prison time, more likely that he will top himself and much publicity will be gained for the cause with allegations that he was murdered or driven to it by inhumane treatment.

I am not sure if topping yourself in prison counts for martyrdom, and access to the promised virgins. Although these guys view of Islam is perhaps perverted enough to make him think it counts.


Peter my main point is that his suicide can be used for further publicity for the cause, think back to the IRA hunger strikes. If he dies in prison either by his own hand or anothers the allegations will be flying thick and fast.


War Hero
This perhaps highlights the different values for human life in different cultures and maybe the old truism " all's fair in war and love". In my
( our?) culture to launch an attack on civilians as in 9/11 would be unthinkable yet look at what the coalition of the willing did to Iraq, killing all, MWC, regardless, and on a much greater scale.
These "people" (9/11) will do anything for what they believe in and they certainly believe in what they kill and die for. However,just consider the torture committed by the COW with prisoners and it seems revenge was on the agenda certainly not we expect with the Rules of War , Geneva Convention etc. Probably when all is considered we are as bad as each other when the circumstances arise. Even in " the trade" the sinking of helpless merchant ships was all right in war.
Yes it is certainly a question for which there seems to be no reasonable answer apart from stop the bloody fighting. Most of the bloodshed is through business I believe and could be avoided if our leaders did their job and weren't dictated to by big business. With the man in question, execute him in a humane way, he pays with his life and we retain what degree of civilised standards we have remaining and try for a reasonable end to the shambles in Iraq. There's no winners really is there?

I would suggest that the concept that only Jihadis have scant regard for human life is perhaps an oversimplification. Terrorists of all hues, creeds and background crave the big 'spectacular' as the IRA called them. Kill many in a horific manner and you get lots of publicity.

The only real difference with the Jihadis is that they have added the suicide concept which has made their activities more spectacular.

I only wish that when this sand rat is sent down, he could do his time in prison as they do here in Thailand, punishment is punishment here. This tool will probably have his own cell with a tv and al jazeera on cable.


Lantern Swinger
I fervently hope that the USA keeps Moussaoui alive until he dies of natural causes. It's a good job he's in America - if he was here, he'd be jailed for "life" and let out after about 9 years. He needs to be kept in a normal prison, with normal prisoners around him, making his life a misery by the day.

If he was close to the 9/11 organisation, he deserves to suffer for as long as possible, but to kill him would just give him the notoriety he wants. It's amazing that so many of the more radical followers of Islam believe the stories about martyrdom, particularly when so many Islamic scholars have decided that most of the Jihadist tenets are based on simple mistranslation of the Koran, which is a peace-loving religious doctrine.

It seems that he found his vocation in GB, though, so we should really be telling our Judiciary that the withholding of a suspected terrorist's passport is not an affront to his human rights. Rights are like respect, they are earned.
Yeah, agreed. For starters I can't believe that the most infamous recruting ground for the suicide bummers (Finsbury Park mosque) is still allowed to function. Get rid! They have forgone the right to call it a religious place. They tried that old game here in the south by hiding weapons in the mosque and after being on the lsoing end of an arse kicking retreated into said mosque, only to be pursued by a police RPG.
It is time the gloves came off.
The BNP has always been looked on as a racist group ans maybe they are, but wouldn't it be nice if we did actualy have a party that would do something effective in "looking after" the interests of GB without lining their own pockets and living in fear of what other people might think.
No matter what people think of the Israelis, I have to admire the fact that they defend their country and dismiss other peoples scornful remarks about the wall etc. when they are not the ones suffering the suicide bombings daily. And when saddam was warned by them during desert storm about what would happen if any scuds landed in Israel, he listened.
Why? Cos he knew they would follow up. I hope one day GB will be viewed as a no nonsence country that will not tolerate immigrant or home grown terrorists.
But I won't hold my breath......


Lantern Swinger
After what the Jewish race went through during WW2, the saying was "Never Again" and now the world knows what they mean. If the nutcase in Iran thinks he can accomplish what none of the Arab nations have tried before, I suggest he think again.

As for Moussaoui, maybe a prison down the Deep South would do him some good. A pleasant life time on the chain gang with them 'good ol boys' would set him up nicely
Glad to see there is a general air of agreement here. Watching the twin towers affair and seeing people jumping out the windows will stay with me forever. It was a terrible terrible thing they did, but I have to admire the operation itself and it's planning and execution. Just proves the point that we have to keep an eye on these suicide jockeys and take a hard line with them.
The numbers seem to be spreading in the UK and europe. The government should get very tough. For example, if a young mid eastern goes to libya or eqypt or elsewhere for a few months (religious studies) and comes back with no explanations, should he be given the benefit of the doubt or are we at the stage yet where we should wise up and not give him the benefit and get him in for some tough talk and maybe a little cell time.
I personaly feel we should be using the Israeli school of thought sooner rather than later as the enemy spreads within our borders.


Im disagreeing on your topic.someone illegally invades my country I would defend it to the max,I love pork,btw rummie will be leaving


The man is a savage , and should be treated as such , i dont know what the answer is , but the bottom line is we are to fxxxxxg soft with these aresoles , and the left wing guardianistas have'nt got a clue , and the bloody judges, well what can you say ,this country of ours has gone down the tubes, cherie is rubbing her hands with all the extra legal aid going her way , help's comrade tony with the mortgage i suppose ,


War Hero
These bombers must all be as thick as donkey spunk or gullible as fcuk in the first place, why don't any of these Islamic radicals publicly question why the old blokes who organise these suicide attacks have managed to live long enough to avoid doing their own 'mission'?

If they're going to execute that Massouri bloke they should do it in such as way that he can't enter his 'heaven', eg. dirty, unclean, unwashed, whatever.
Perhaps if the Palestinians had F16s too they wouldn't bther with suicide bombers and would just bomb houses they didn't like as the Israelis do.

Personally I think the two sides deserve each other, they are both equally retarded and uncivilised. Tit for Tat killings don't work, even if they allow you to win elections which is the main reason both sides seem to do it.

As for the goon in the states, don't execute him, to do so is to give him what he most desires martyrdom for his cause. Keep him alive in prison for as long as possible, every day will be a reminder to him of how he has failed his god.



Lantern Swinger
I agree with an earlier statement. If your going to invade people countries on false pretences and lies about WMD's when all you want is oil then you deserve to get a kick in the nuts now and then.

9/11 was the american govt's part blame aswell, they have spent long enough tinkering in other peoples affairs.

7/11 can be laid at the doorstep of Blair. Yes we all despise the little f**ks that carried it out but last time I looked the people that were at war against don't have the means to fly over here and drop bombs on Parliment, so they have figured out a way to hurt us.

I hope all fanatics can be wiped out instantly, and that includes Bush, Rice, Blair and any other tool that believes that killing people for religous beliefs or for oil is excusable. Maybe just ship them to Diego Garcia and let them fight it out between themselves, see who has got the balls to fight when it's their life on the line.
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